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SCVRA President Dana Schlumpberger is a NothingBurger?

 If you've been reading about the meltdown of the CRA for the last couple of months, you'd know that a group of malignant narcissists and a larger group of lemmings are part of the impending coup. Remember the Data Breech BS? Remember the Pasadena RA that did not meet at all in 2014 (by its' own "President's" admission), yet somehow turned in a roster for 2015 (done by Alice Khosravy)? Remember the Ventura RA with the inflated membership numbers on its' roster (turned in...   Read More
Posted May 28th, 2015 by Aaron Park in SCV Politics | 2 comments

SCVRA Fraud Total up to 38 Confirmed - I'll See Your Texas Couple and...

 When I saw the CRA's Bathroom Boys beating their flabby chests over the Texas couple being back together in LA County as some sort of evidence that the other 32 confirmed cases of fraud were somehow invalid... I knew the other shoe would drop. The "Texas Couple" did indeed move to Texas and neither have paid dues in to the CRA since 2013 according to what they told our crack research staff on the phone. I guess we can leave them in the total... their dues were renewed at...   Read More
Posted May 27th, 2015 by Aaron Park in SCV Politics | Add a comment

Alice Khosravy Update: Takes Over CRA Social Media, Bans Sitting Officers...

CRA Vice President Alice Khosravy is repeating the same fraud and manipulation she used to take over the local CRA Chapter at the state level.   Read More
Posted May 15th, 2015 by Aaron Park in SCV Politics | 8 comments

CRA, Alice Khosravy, Fraud-Ridden Santa Clarita RA Embarrassed By Corruptio...

Apparently, Paul Tanaka was under investigation at the time he was running for Sheriff of LA County. This was not disclosed to the CRA’s Board of Directors, this was not part of any vetting.   Read More
Posted May 14th, 2015 by Aaron Park in News | 3 comments

Did Alice Khosravy's Fraud Affect the 2013 CRA Elections?

Read here and decide for yourself if the proven fraud in the Santa Clarita Valley Republican Assembly may have altered CRA History...   Read More
Posted May 7th, 2015 by Aaron Park in News | 6 comments
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