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America Needs to Get Her Priorities Straight

America Needs to Get Her Priorities Straight

Posted March 29th, 2012 by Betty Arenson Betty Arenson in Right to the Point

In July 2011 a Denver Colorado woman, Susan Cole, 57, appeared for jury duty service looking disheveled and told the court she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as a result of an abusive marriage and military duty. She was excused from serving.

Apparently she could not avoid her 15 minutes of fame. That October she stupidly went on a local talk show and aired her malfeasance. Unfortunately for her, that same judge was listening to the program. The District Attorney has filed charges against her.

It is not uncommon to review any of the given news outlets and learn that some child molester or other type of rapist has gotten some "punishment" equal to a slap on the wrist for their despicable crimes nor is it uncommon for the repeat offender of such crimes as burglary, robbery, stolen identity, etc. being leniently sentenced to some community service hours, only to return to the usual because that is who they are and that's what they do.

It is even more common to learn that yet another slimy "public servant" has been living high on the hog from the benefit of public funds, i.e. our tax dollars.  Now, the latter would only be a crime to the private sector, but in the public sector there are years of "investigations'' that usually conclude with the perp merely being a participant in "mismanaging" public funds and they keep their lucrative jobs.

Now we'll move onto two things that absolutely have the capacity to truly affect the fabric of our country now and its future: voter registration fraud and actual voting fraud.

For the 2000 election, I clearly recall a major media interviewing a wealthy woman from Wisconsin who was in a poverty area and passing out cigarettes to register voters. Democrats, that is. She was not prosecuted.

For the 2008 election, ACORN was very aggressive in their now-known voter scams. Again, at least one young man admitted being paid to turn in signatures and validity was no issue; phony names, multiple sign-ups, all applied. He, nor any of his like-kind, were prosecuted.

In vitally important arenas, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is either absent or if he does show up he claims the I-didn't-know-defense; as in Fast and Furious where at least one Border Patrol agent has been murdered and even Holder admitted in Congressional testimony that he expects more deaths.

However, Holder does rear his head when states choose to demand identification for the resplendent right to vote. Sane and anti-fraud people see that ID process as protecting the right to vote for all qualified citizens. The subversive mindsets claim it keeps minorities (the buzz word is "the disenfranchised") away from the polls. Would that be the same people that must show ID to board a plane, get a driver's license, apply for any type of government benefits, get into school, buy a car, write a check, use a credit card... and on and on? All states that have so far wanted ID proof have offered a process to get a valid ID free of charge and appropriate methods to help them through the process.

Holder gave a speech and said "we need election systems that are free from fraud, discrimination and partisan influence – and that are more, not less, accessible to the citizens of this country." 

Wow!  Those words are exactly what the rest of us want.

Think about his words..."accessible to the citizens of this country". There's that word: "citizens".

As for his noting "influence", The New Black Panthers stood at a Philadelphia polling spot in November 2008 with night sticks and verbalized their militancy. This was verified by a polling minder who had once worked on Robert Kennedy's campaign.

Weak prosecution efforts ensued and the Panthers lost by default judgment for not appearing after five months. The DOJ Civil Rights Division head ordered a dismissal in spite of strong evidence.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) tried to re-file the case and served subpoenas on two of the once-involved DOJ attorneys. The DOJ forbade their compliance and that was the end of that.  As a result, DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams resigned citing the DOJ mandate (led by Holder, of course) that required no charges would be made in cases where white (victims) accuse black (defendants) of voter intimidation. "The DOJ’s answer to Adams’ charges is simply that Adams is a Conservative".  Sure.  In the end, Eric Holder's incompetence is only out-weighed by his biases. His actions demonstrate that he is either utterly useless or quite dangerous.

All of this is said to point out the active alive-and-well-lunacy shredding our country.

My recall from my last jury duty service was a judge coming into the waiting room telling us that he had just overseen multiple violators in his courtroom and rendered all of them $1500 in fines. The violation also allows for jail time.  That, dear readers, is the penalty for not being properly excused from jury duty service.

Without doubt, I believe jury service is very important. It is obviously a necessity in America's system and needs due attention with due penalties, however, in consideration of all of the aforementioned, is it in line ahead of earnestly prosecuting serious crimes?

Think about it.


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  • Sanchit
    This whole Trayvon Martin case has shown in clear daylight that rcaism is very much alive and well in this country and apparently more so in Florida. Repeated demonstrations illustrating the public shock and awe of the blatant disregard for both Trayvon and Sabrina. And now there is a dead blackman who had a MEDICAL EMERGENCY call through Life Support, and the police knocked down his door, Tasered him and shot him dead in his own apartment!The worst of all of this, if the people had not stood up, this all would have been ignored! Who is running the law enforcement in Florida? And now I have more doubts about our US DOJ under Eric Holder. All he seems to do is justify illegal acts by the US Govt. toward people in jail for over 10 years without proper legal representation.
  • Berta
    Betty, our current judicial system led by Attorney General Eric Holder is suing individual states for trying to do the job of enforcing our laws, which the federal agencies charged with handling, refuse to enforce such as immigration laws. Holder protects liars and cheats who vote without being rightfully eligible to vote, protects New Black Panthers intimidating voters by showing up at voting polling places with baseball bats, and seems to decide willy nilly which laws are LAWS to be enforced and which are LAWS to be ignored. There is no LEGITIMATE argument to back up why a CITIZEN should not and cannot produce valid ID in order to prove that he/she is whom they purport to be and also eligible to vote. The poor, the elderly, minorities, the disabled, etc and all of us citizens are the folks who ARE being disenfranchised when someone who does not have the right to vote has their vote counted too. Citizenship has rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Amongst the most important responsibilities a CITIZEN has is to inform themselves and participate in our electoral process by voting, thereby having their voice heard and shaping the direction the United States of America takes. ALL other countries have rules determining who can and cannot vote and this issue is taken seriously, as it should be. We need to take voter identification seriously in the USA too and do whatever we can to ensure that those who do not have the right to participate in the electoral process do not taint the voting process. I say require ID of EVERYONE and if they cannot be bothered to obtain FREE ID’s provided courtesy of the taxpayers, they should not be able to vote. Moreover, we need to vote Obama and his entire administration starting with Eric Holder out of office!
  • Joe Messina
    GREAT article Betty!

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