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Are You Ready To Rally on Tax Day?

Posted April 14th, 2012 by Patriot Faith Patriot Faith in SCV Politics
Well, it’s almost here, folks! TAX DAY! And what percentage did Obama pay this past year?  20.5% - lower than his secretary –  he now shares “bragging rights” with Warren Buffet on this one!
Patriots don’t mind paying our fair share of taxes – we know that public safety services and infrastructure must be maintained. What we DO mind is the mismanagement of our hard earned dollars to play “Robin Hood” with those capable of earning their own as well as government agencies such as the GSA (General Services Administration) wasting it in total disregard of its financial supporters (us). Most people never heard of this behemoth government agency until the recent scandals. And how do we know where ELSE this is happening to our money!?
There are TEA Party and other grass roots rallies occurring all over the state (and country) this weekend through Monday – but you may not have heard because most general media is not reporting it. Don’t let the media silence us! This is the last TAX DAY before the critical November 2012 elections. If Obama wins another term, this may be our LAST chance to do so – this is scary, folks.  We CANNOT let this man succeed in his goal of making us a second Europe!
So if you’re as frustrated as we are and want to make your voices heard, remember to join us on Monday, April 16th in front of Santa Clarita City Hall from 4PM -7PM. Bring your patriotic signs, enthusiasm and respect for all SC City codes and laws.  (City Hall and Sheriff’s dept have been notified of the rally)  
Please pass out the attached flyer to your churches, synagogues, friends, families and neighbors – and join us on this Monday afternoon from 4pm-7pm!!     (and we’ll see you @ the Restoring Patriotism meeting on April 20th)
“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when Knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved.”     Samuel Adams
Restoring Patriotism
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