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Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

Posted January 9th, 2014 by David Bego David Bego in News

 As the new year 2014 begins with the President and Congress returning to Washington, it is evident that President Obama and his liberal cronies are determined to continue to divide the nation. Shortly before returning from his 17-day vacation in Hawaii, the President began the divisive rhetoric by reprimanding House Republicans for going on a “holiday break” and not staying in Washington D.C. to pass a measure to extend unemployment benefits for needy Americans. The benefits were allowed to lapse, as they were not included in the budget  signed by the President prior to his vacation.

Now, Congress prepares for a battle over jobless benefits. The first vote by the U.S. Senate was to restore the expired unemployment benefits. The President and his fellow Democrats allowed the benefits to expire and agreed to the budget as part of their plan to distract the American people.The President understands just how important the upcoming 2014 mid-term Elections are, and is attempting to deflect the miserable failure that is Obamacare. This is merely their opening salvo in a desperate attempt to “divide and conquer” the Republican Party and the American people. The President clearly understands that Democrats must hold the Senate and take back the House of Representatives during the mid-term elections if he is going to successfully impose his socialistic agenda.

Additionally, as President Obama Urges Steps to Resolve Income Inequality, the Democrats are planning a minimum-wage push to create a “National Living Wage,” supported by his allies at the SEIU. See Obama and The SEIU, Sittin' in a Tree. Much like the tactics of his mentors in big labor, the President will not explain the byproducts of such action – the loss of jobs and a weaker economy, which Thomas Sowell addresses eloquently in his article,  No compassion in minimum wage laws. Common sense dictates that an Unprecedented Minimum-Wage Hike Would Hurt Jobs and the Economy. Even the democratic D.C. Mayor Vetoed the 'Living Wage' Bill (see also 5 Ways the Liberal Obsession With Income Inequality Hurts the Poor and Dems Believe Income Inequality To Be the Winning Issue In November). 

Furthermore, in the background, the President  has quietly had his radical appointees at the National Labor Relations Board (see “Rogue NLRB”), the Department of Labor (DOL), and OSHA imposing new regulations such as allowing “microunions”, requiring reporting by employer-supporting “persuaders” (see DOL Changes the Rules Again), and allowing union access to employer facilities during OSHA inspections (see OSHA Opens New Door For Big Labor). These new regulations are all aimed to provide Big Labor the opportunity to process their Death by a Thousand Cuts-style Corporate Campaigns, with the end goal of forcing businesses to sign a Neutrality Agreement  and impose Card Check.

If this is accomplished, unions would be able to force unionize people quickly and collect badly needed dues for the flagging unions. In turn, these unions will continue to provide Democrats with political contributions and the ground game necessary to win the mid-term election. Make no mistake about it, big labor needs help and it is evident that they are Becoming Desperate. The UAW needs income so badly it is considering a 25% dues increase for its current members, which seems strange when their membership continues to diminish.

As discussed in Obamacare Provides Unfair Advantage to Big Labor, the President unilaterally postponed the “transitional insurance” fee for 2014, which eliminated millions of dollars in costs for the unions so they can pour the money back into the 2014 mid-term elections. The timing on all of this makes sense, as big labor has a vested interest in seeing Democrats win back both Houses and essentially providing the President Rule by Fiat, while trying to avoid extinction with support from their political friends.

Like big labor, the President, and Democratic Party too, are feeling pressure to achieve victory in the mid-term elections, and they are intent on utilizing “the ends justify the means” tactics from the big labor playbook (see The Devil at Our Doorstep). Just like the SEIU big labor bosses who trained him, President Obama will trample on anyone who gets in his way. It is time for the American people to wake up to the Obama’s hypocrisy, misdirection and misinformation. His promises, much like big labor’s, have been designed to sway voters, not help the people!


The Republican Party must reorganize and understand that fighting amongst themselves is inappropriate and counterproductive (see Boehner Blasts Conservatives). If the GOP Pins Its Hopes on Midterm Elections, it must band together with all conservatives and people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds to expose and Keep The Pressure On Obama. Just as I discussed with the Republican Whip committee last March, it is Time for Republicans to Go On the Offensive! The Other Guy Sucks is Not a Strategy, so it is imperative that all conservatives expose the President and the fact he has no interest in the citizens of this great country and like the big labor bosses is only focused on accomplishing his agenda. Collectively, we must put the Administration on the defensive if we are going to succeed in nullifying this “divide and conquer” strategy, and reverse The Decline of American Exceptionalism, initiated by the President and his big labor buddies!


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  • Lucky
    Schöne Fotos und interessante Geschichte. Ich glaube, wie dort mit den Stieren umgegangen wird ist harmlos im Vergleich dazu, wie man z.B. in Deutschland mit einigen Rassen umg30tReh;Ich werde aber wohl nie verstehen, was Menschen dazu bewegt, sich in die Nähe eines rasenden Stiers zu begeben
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