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If you want Progress.....vote Republican!

If you want Progress.....vote Republican!

Posted September 24th, 2012 in National Scene

My 12 year old son is starting to take an active interest in politics. Just the other day he was listening to White House spokesman Jay Carney on the radio news. Carney stated that the White House had no credible evidence to prove that the Islamic world was angry at the United States of America...my son who is quite vocal at times yelled at the radio..."what the bun"....his cleaned up version of another popular cultural expression of exasperation.

Then he said something which was even more classic which was, how can people, that don't know the truth when they see it, possibly ever lead this country forward?

This got me thinking about the whole mantra of liberals which is summed up in the presidents reelection slogan...Forward! They have somehow been allowed to redefine themselves as the party of progress, all the while taking us as a nation backwards.

Household income is now at the levels it was at in the 1980's, american foreign policy in the Arab world is like watching a rerun of 1978 all over again, we have retarded our space program,  choosing to use NASA to help the Arab world catch up to us in the space race. The old and politically dead ideology of Marxism and socialism is alive and well in the Democrat party and it's not taking us forward but rather it's taking us backward.

Let's take a close look at a state like Ohio which has been under the leadership of John Kasich since 2010, here is a state that was self destructing under growing entitlement burdens, union pension schemes, growing unemployment and ever increasing debt, sounds like California of today.

Kasich and the Republicans came in with a plan for progress, and it was a plan to deal with the problem. Over the last two years they have succeeded in balancing the state budget by cutting non essential state spending and by restricting public union worker pension plans, they have helped to stimulate the states economy creating new jobs. Contrary to popular liberal political and economic theory they did this without raising taxes...amazing! Even more Amazing is that Republican Governors in South Carolina, Wisconsin and New Mexico have done the same thing.

If anything can be learned about the difference in policy between the Republicans and the Democrats it is this, Republicans are Progressive. Republican ideas may be ideas that have been around for a long time, but they are ideas that promote cultural progress because they provide a foundation for good solid civil society to be built on.

Modern democrat ideas are not new ideas but they are the tired out ideas of failed societies throughout history repackaged in bling so that people don't realize what they are. Maybe there is a reason here why more women tend to vote democrat, they are attracted to the bling!...men not so much! Maybe the Republicans need to learn how to bling the Pro growth, Pro Life, Pro Family message of Progress better!

In 2012 the real Progressives are the Republicans and if you want any progress at all in the next four years you had better vote Republican!



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  • Mara
    I am a voter who wants major change from the direction of increased size and scope of government under the Obama administration (and also the Bush administration both administrations increased the size and power of the federal government).But I'm not satisfied with the GOP's pledge to America. Why?I strongly support minimal government and fiscal conservatism, but I also I care very deeply about environmental issues I think sustainability is the #1 challenge facing America right now. I also think sustainability and our economic woes go hand in hand. We are in the hole economically because we have been living unsustainably. The ballooning national debt is probably the biggest example of unsustainable living it's borrowing from future generations the same way polluting the environment is borrowing from future generations.The GOP's pledge to America does not even mention sustainability or the environment. I do not understand why the GOP and conservatives in American cannot band together with the goal of protecting the environment? Why let democrats and liberals own this issue?I explained in a recent blog post that I think that there are just as many (if not more) ways to approach sustainability from a conservative perspective.Where does this leave me? Is there anyone I can vote for? I'm forced to support a fringe, third-party candidate who probably has next to no chance of winning. That's why I'm trying to get the debate going among conservatives and liberals liberals need to address the fiscal conservative issue, and conservatives need to make a commitment to sustainability. The two go hand in hand!

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