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Paul Strickland on the Issues

Paul Strickland on the Issues

Posted May 23rd, 2012 in SCV Politics

 Paul Strickland (no relation to Senator Tony Strickland) made his formal announcement on September 20th. Strickland has been a declared candidate for over 9 months.

His official website went up January 20th, policy statements were finally posted March 18th.

Paul Strickland’s list of endorsers is seriously lacking. The most notable absence is Strickland’s most recent boss, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, whose seat Strickland is seeking. Smyth has only endorsed Candidate Scott Wilk and judging from the video, it’s a solid endorsement based on Wilk’s experience.

Someone who is going to represent a district with multiple communities needs to have support from prominent leaders in each of those communities. Paul Strickland is seeking a state level representative position, not a local school board. Approximately 15 community members have signed on as endorsers or supporters (there is actually a difference in the political world, though he does not specify which is which on his website). All of those community members are from Santa Clarita, most are from local school boards.

Let’s take a look at Paul Strickland’s stance on policy issues as stated on his website:

I’m glad you’re going to listen, but how is that a “Policy Position”? And what, exactly, is the “free agency rights of individuals”?

I’m glad you’ve read both of our Constitutions. That puts you miles ahead of some of our current legislators! However, I’d like to hear specifics about how you plan on getting “money out of politics”. Does this mean that you’ll never take contributions from lobbyists or special interest groups? Please clarify.

Establishing committees always sounds like a great idea. But, how often will they meet? What measurements will you use to ensure results? And, most importantly, as a leader, I expect you to BRING a list of suggestions to the table for consideration, then you could incorporate or adjust based on committee feedback. You need to disclose a few of the regulations you are recommending for amendment and/or rescinding.

Ok, this one is huge. Specifically, how do you intend to fund all mandated legislation? Our state does not have enough money to fund all of the current mandates. Now what? Will you make cuts? What will you recommend cutting? How will you convince a Democratic controlled legislature that your cuts are good for everyone? We need details here.

What if there aren’t funds to fully support these items? And who are “plegal” citizens?

Ok, that’s pretty clear. What about existing legislation that’s already making it attractive? And why do we need to implement Arizona’s law? Why not simply enforce the current California Penal Code Section 834b which is just as strong, if not stronger?

How, exactly, do you propose to do that?

These are definitely some nice talking points, but with a race like the one you’re in, we need more concrete details to truly evaluate your qualifications.


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