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Press Release From Acosta for Congress

Press Release From Acosta for Congress

Posted May 21st, 2012 by Kevin D. Korenthal Kevin D. Korenthal in SCV Politics

For Immediate Release

May 21, 2012
Contact: (866) 805-9301
Republican Challenger to 25th District Congressman, Howard “Buck” McKeon Reacts to McKeon’s Statements on Raising Taxes to Pay for Pentagon Spending
The campaign to elect Dante Acosta for Congress takes note of comments made by current 25th District Congressman Buck McKeon insinuating that he’d raise taxes on hard working Americans before ever considering cutting funding to the Pentagon.
“Congressman McKeon’s continued push to preserve the bloated cost of the Pentagon comes at the expense of hard-working Americans that cannot find jobs or are under-employed”, said 25th Congressional Candidate Dante Acosta. The Republican candidate that is challenging Congressman McKeon went on to say, “While the middle class is asking for fiscal vigilance, lower taxes and less regulations on families and small businesses, Congressman McKeon is talking about more unaccountable spending.” Mr. Acosta went on to point out that U.S. military leadership, Congress and the President have not proposed a unified plan or defined goal for the continuing war in Afghanistan yet continue to demand ever larger sums of money for this war.
Dante Acosta is challenging fellow Republican incumbent Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon for his seat in Congress because he feels that Mr. McKeon has lost touch with his constituency as evidenced by his slow reaction to an Afghanistan force-protection debacle that cost Mr. Acosta the life of his son, Specialist Rudy A. Acosta in March, 2011. McKeon is also under heavy criticism in the district for a lack of leadership on a major quality of life issue affecting the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley communities that make up a majority of the district. “Congressman McKeon used to serve the district but now he serves the Republican caucus, multi-national corporations like Cemex and the military hardware industry”. Acosta is referring to the Mexican concrete mining firm Cemex which was granted mining rights by the Bureau of Land Management long before Santa Clarita became a growing city of over 167,000 residents. The project, which the city has been fighting in court for decades, will greatly compromise air quality, increase truck traffic on the rural 2-lane road on which the mine is located and lower home values on properties in the epicenter of what could become the largest concrete mining operation in American history.
“When you take Mr. McKeon’s exhortation that struggling American taxpayers must shoulder additional taxes without any sacrifice to the Pentagon’s budget along with his inattention to the Cemex Mine issue and a growing detachment from district voters, the message becomes clear, it’s time to send the 20+ year Congressman into retirement so that a new generation of Conservative leadership can arise and serve the constituents of the 25Th Congressional District”, Mr. Acosta added.


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