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Right-to-Work states BEWARE!

Right-to-Work states BEWARE!

Posted November 12th, 2013 by David Bego David Bego in National Scene

 Right-to-Work states need to take heed of several recent events, which are prime indicators of big labor’s intent to revitalize its sagging membership roles and the administration’s intent to support them. The most recent event was Terry McAuliffe’s victory over Ken Cuccinelli in last weeks Virginia Governor race, where the Unions Poured Millions of Dollars to Support McAuliffe’s Campaign, led by the SEIU’s approximately $540,000, because McAuliffe has “hinted” he would not stand in the way of Right-to-Work (RTW) being overturned in Virginia.

This is just the Tip of the Iceberg when discussing the Gasping Dinosaurs’ recent assaults on RTW states. In mid September, a Lake County judge in Indiana agreed with a suit filed by the International Union of Operating Engineers and found Indiana’s RTW Law to be Unconstitutional, because it was unfair that unions have to represent employees who do not pay dues. This case will be reviewed by the Indiana Supreme Court in the near future, and most likely be overturned. An easy way to solve this union concern is by Putting “Teeth” in Right-To-Work laws, inserting language that would  eliminate the “Check Off” clauses in collective bargaining agreements. The “Check Off” clause requires employers or government entities to deduct union dues from employees pay checks and send those dues to the union. The unions would simply collect the dues directly from the employees who desire union representation and work only in their behalf. What could be more fair?

Also, in the past couple of months, the UAW has launched a Death by a Thousand Cuts  Corporate Campaign against a Volkswagen Facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee and a Nissan Facility in Canton, Mississippi, both RTW states. The goal is to force management at these plants to sign a Neutrality Agreement, which eliminates the secret ballot election for workers, replacing the process with Card Check. This prevents employees from choosing if they want union representation or not through the secret ballot election, and reverts to the ruthless practice of force unionizing employees against their will!

The current Administration, in need of big labor’s support in the upcoming 2014 Mid-Term Elections, is attempting to “grease the wheels” and make it easy for big labor to execute Corporate Campaigns against employers in RTW states. They have appointed Radical Pro-Labor Department Heads at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Department of Labor (DOL), as seen in Labor Department goes on rulemaking spree and OSHA Seeks to Make Big Companies' Worker-Injury Records Public. The goal is to change regulations, implement new rules and overturn past decisions so that big labor can embark on expansive organizing campaigns in America’s union scarce southern regions, where employment is growing. If successful, this could bring about serious political upheaval in favor of the Administration, as the unions would gain more dues paying members.

Both the Administration and big labor understand that they desperately need more political allies and money to survive, as the U.S. Supreme Court Has An Opportunity to Protect Fundamental Freedoms and potentially deal a death blow to Card Check in the coming months, big labor’s only remaining hope to avoid extinction.

The first case will begin this week, on November 13th, where The Devil at My Doorstep will be utilized as evidence by the law firm Ogletree Deakins, in an amicus brief defending an employee from a company in Florida (RTW state). The company bowed to union pressure by signing a Neutrality Agreement, subjecting its employees to the ruthless union Card Check process. Instead of giving in to the card  process, one employee had the backbone to stand up to the Unite Here union bullies, and contacted the National Right to Work Committee, headed by Mark Mix. The NRTW Committee has been working to defend his rights and is taking his case to the Supreme Court. The second case, involving the Constitutionality of President Obama’s Recess Appointees to the NLRB, will be heard early next year. If upheld, this decision could stop the NLRB’s current march to change regulations that allow for the unfettered use of Corporate Campaigns by big labor to impose Card Check upon unsuspecting employees.

The outcomes of these cases will no doubt determine the future of big labor. In the meantime, with the support of the current Administration, big labor will wage an all out war on RTW laws and RTW states in an effort to increase membership and political power. There is no doubt these states, and RTW across the country, are in the crosshairs of the big labor bosses and the Administration. It is imperative that these states and all Americans defend the Right-to-Work legislation, as it is A Basic American Freedom!


Click HERE to buy a copy of the The Devil at My Doorstep, which will be introduced as evidence to the U.S. Supreme Court later this week.


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