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Where Are The Conservatives?

Where Are The Conservatives?

Posted June 3rd, 2011 in SCV Issues

Petz is a keen observer of the political scene in Santa Clarita, and really wonders why a lot of "conservatives" in this valley talk a good game, but abandon principle in policy application.

To wit, the recent decision by the city council to purchase 500+ acres up Haskell Canyon for open space.  Shockingly, council members brag that they have prevented the development of 500 homes. Fellow conservatives, there is no value in allowing land to remain fallow-taking it off the tax roles.  Think of  the jobs that will not be created, the future value destroyed,  and the generations of families that will have to find higher priced housing.   WWJD ?  Think parable of the talents my friends.  Proper stewardship requires responsible development.

Prominent "conservatives" cry out for the continuation for redevelopment and economic zones zones of questionable value, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are encouraging government to pick the winners and losers.

On this Friday morning, after a week of painful economic news it is important for conservatives to ask themselves are we really living out conservative values and principles, or are we encouraging government control over our lives and destiny.

It is time for us to take a long hard look in the mirror.


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  • George Cummings
    Petz, Are you against greenbelts all together, or just against the way the SCV City Council handled this purchase? Is there not something to be said for a governing body who cares enough about its citizens' quality of life that they make decisions to protect portions of our landscape that add aesthetic value, and provide those of us who live here with a certain sense of balance? Or should every square foot of empty space be sold off to the highest bidder in the name of a free market economy? Perhaps I'm missing your point. I can understand if you feel the City did not provide enough transparency in their transaction, but for someone committed to "reducing the carbon footprint" (Your words), your post seems a tad hypocritical. Feel free to enlighten me.
  • Jim Farley
    Petz, good to see your posting. Of course the Santa Clarita Open Space issue is something I've had a bit of interest in. My opposition mostly is to the fact that the city is using an illegal tax to finance the purchase. Even though I do roll Conservative, I do believe the government should play a role in land conservation. For example the Federal government is probably the best entity to preserve the Grand Canyon we just visited. For local governments to be involved in land preservation the case is not as clear. It is more important for local governments to promote responsible development. Valencia is a perfect example of good development that should be approved. My daily quality of life is much more impacted by the trail systems and paseos we have access to than the extra acres of vacant land on the perimeter of town. And, as you state, we are helping the tax roles too.
  • Robert Gardner
    I think many people missunderstand the idea of the Progressive movement. Progressives can be Democrat or Republican. Progressives want larger government. 80% of our City Council are Progressive along with 100% of our City Manager. Just remember, many of you voted to keep the current status quo....
  • Cash
    While you are checking yourself out in the mirror, reflect on the reason you speak of yourself in the third person. The tendency to refer to oneself in the third person is often viewed by psychologists as a symptom of narcissism...
  • Bill Reynolds
    Petz, I think you agree that SCV's City Council members are Republican, but scant few exhibit conservative values.

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