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Contributed by Betty Arenson Betty Arenson

Betty Arenson is a long time Santa Clarita Resident, member of the Republican Womens club and a regular contributor to The Signal newspaper and would contribute more if they'd actually print all of them!! ;-) To see what you've been missing, you can catch her regularly online here at www.RightOnSCV.com.

The-Signal send WRONG Signal AGAIN!

Headington represents the glaring tax-and-spend party that has this state teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and The Signal's judgment is that this guy is a bit on the moderate side   Read More
Posted October 15, 2012 by Betty Arenson in SCV Politics | 5 comments

Okay Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, lets have that talk about race

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former Chief of Staff, boasted "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste". While that mantle remains artfully practiced by this administration, its been effectively tooled for decades by seasoned masters Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.   Read More
Posted June 18, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Right to the Point | 1 comment

Liberalism worse than gone amok when it comes to "rights" and raising...

Liberals are loud, pervasive and constant with "rights" and "civil rights" demands yet they never recognize that those terms must only be granted by them and under their definitions.   Read More
Posted June 08, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Musings | 4 comments

Politics are Historically Nasty

Politics are nasty... and it isn't just a Republican or Democrat thing! This article was originally published in The Signal 4/13/12. Editorial liberties (that I was not made aware of) were taken which changed the meaning of some of the text. The unaltered article is included below for your reading.   Read More
Posted April 13, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Musings | 1 comment

America Needs to Get Her Priorities Straight

We're living in a time when serious crimes, at least in the eyes of many citizens, are too often minimalized by the our country's judicial system(s) and liberal thinking but boy you had better N-E-V-E-R try to avoid jury duty!   Read More
Posted March 29, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Right to the Point | 3 comments
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