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Contributed by Joe Messina Joe Messina

Joe is a very busy man!

He has 4 children all grown and out of the house. A very PRETTY and PATIENT wife.
He is very involved in politics, locally, state and nationally. He has been president of many local Republican clubs and has served on many non-profit boards.

Joe is always fighting for the average voter. To make sure they have the plain simple information needed to make important voting information.

Joe was elected to the Wm S. Hart High School District Board of Trustees after his fourth attempt (he doesn't give up). He is an active member of that board and pushes hard for Career Technical education programs to help those who may not attend a 4 year college.

Joe also has a radio show dealing with political, moral and social issues. He deals with issues head on and no "Fluff". More on the show can be found at www.TheRealSide.com.

Steve Knight for Congress

Please take a few minutes to check out my endorsement of Steve Knight for Congress, then go to www.SteveKnight.org to get involved.   Read More
Posted May 25, 2014 by Joe Messina in SCV Politics | 3 comments

Sacramento Lawmakers Give Relief To Cheating Contractors

Any contractor who does public, prevailing wage projects can tell of bidding jobs at or near cost and still being underbid. How can this be if everyone is agreeing to pay workers the same amount?   Read More
Posted August 19, 2013 by Joe Messina in World View | 9 comments

Real Hate Speech!

Not the article BUT The comments.. Tolerant people need a dictionary.. COEXCIST for these people should be renamed MyWayOrElseYourNuts.. AND they call the right haters, WOW!   Read More
Posted May 03, 2013 by Joe Messina in News | 5 comments

Oranges and Deceit!

When I was a kid growing up in Boston I worked in a place where they had street vending carts. We were taught to take advantage of people whenever we could. There were usually about 3 times as many small orange crates as were large ones. We would take an empty cart, line the front of the box with large oranges and fill the back end up with the small ones. We then flipped the box over and put the box of small oranges behind it. When someone would come up and want oranges, we simply...   Read More
Posted May 22, 2012 by Joe Messina in SCV Politics | 12 comments

A CONSERVATIVE Republican defines "Real Republican"

The most respected CONSERVATIVE Republican in California has passed away. I hope Republicans get to know him and emulate his life. I have been ridiculed for not being a real republican for believing these same things!...   Read More
Posted May 19, 2012 by Joe Messina in Right to the Point | 7 comments
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