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March 2012 Archive

America Needs to Get Her Priorities Straight

We're living in a time when serious crimes, at least in the eyes of many citizens, are too often minimalized by the our country's judicial system(s) and liberal thinking but boy you had better N-E-V-E-R try to avoid jury duty!   Read More
Posted March 29, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Right to the Point | 3 comments

Document & Audio of Patricia McKeon's Lie

A number of people have inquired of the lie that Patricia McKeon told at a recent campaign forum. We have the document and the audio of her lying about it. Submitted without further comment.   Read More
Posted March 25, 2012 by Kevin D. Korenthal in News | Add a comment

Job Creation the McKeon way

Mrs. McKeon is the Treasurer for Buck McKeon for Congress, and the highest-paid employee on the campaign’s payroll. During the 2008 election cycle, Rep. McKeon’s campaign committee paid Mrs. McKeon $119,674 in salary.   Read More
Posted March 24, 2012 by Guest Contributor in SCV Politics | 3 comments

Patricia McKeon on the Issues ??

She's been a candidate for the 38th Assembly District for MORE THAN 6 MONTHS!! Candidate McKeon... Where is your platform? Why aren't you out talking to more constituents?   Read More
Posted March 17, 2012 in SCV Politics | 2 comments

Freedom of Speech is good, unless you care more about control...

Lynn Haueter, the Chairman of the Los Angeles Republican Party, recently tried to censure me at a committee meeting because she didn't like my "Facebook posts." Yeah, I and the entire crowd laughed too. Read more to see what happened.   Read More
Posted March 08, 2012 in SCV Politics | 8 comments
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