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June 2012 Archive

Okay Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, lets have that talk about race

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's former Chief of Staff, boasted "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste". While that mantle remains artfully practiced by this administration, its been effectively tooled for decades by seasoned masters Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.   Read More
Posted June 18, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Right to the Point | 1 comment

Liberalism worse than gone amok when it comes to "rights" and raising...

Liberals are loud, pervasive and constant with "rights" and "civil rights" demands yet they never recognize that those terms must only be granted by them and under their definitions.   Read More
Posted June 08, 2012 by Betty Arenson in Musings | 5 comments

Big Wins Against Big Labor Tuesday

Here is my postmortem on gains made against Big Labor in Tuesday's elections.   Read More
Posted June 07, 2012 by Kevin D. Korenthal in National Scene | 3 comments

Important Information Regarding Today's Election

I wanted to take the opportunity in this very important election season to fill you in on the happenings of several offices that will be on the ballot here in the 25th Congressional and 38th Assembly Districts on Tuesday, June 5th.   Read More
Posted June 05, 2012 by Kevin D. Korenthal in News | 6 comments
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