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Super Scoop: Text of State of the Union Released Prior To Speech

The White House released tomorrow's SOTU in advance of the speech. See the details here...   Read More
Posted January 27, 2014 in Humor | 2 comments

The category is – “Who Hates Women and Children?”

“Who Hates Women and Children” for 200, please. The answer is - “V.P. Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton” Ding, Ding you are correct!   Read More
Posted August 25, 2011 by Sue Hartman in Humor | 1 comment

What Everyone Knows, Duh!

Everyone knows all Republican leaders are super dumb and backwards and probably married their cousins ‘cause Bill Mahr, SNL and Jon Stewart jokes are not only totally funny but also totally true!   Read More
Posted August 18, 2011 by Sue Hartman in Humor | 15 comments