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NLRB Flexes Muscles

This would permit labor unions to have “two bites of the apple” (as used by former NLRB Board Member Ronald Meisburg, to challenge employer action. Part of the Employee Free Choice Act (see EFCA Through the Backdoor) a.k.a. Card Check this rulemaking would basically tilt the collective bargaining negotiations process heavily in favor of big labor. In reality it is a part of the process to enact Card Check through Regulation vs. Legislation! As the President said he has a pen and a phone...   Read More
Posted February 12, 2014 by David Bego in National Scene | 8 comments

How To Talk To Liberal Friends in 2014

Contrary to the administrations encouragement, via Pajama Boy, most political discussions, especially with those not frequently seen throughout the year, are NOT recommended.   Read More
Posted January 13, 2014 in National Scene | 13 comments

Right-to-Work states BEWARE!

The first case will begin this week, on November 13th, where The Devil at My Doorstep will be utilized as evidence by the law firm Ogletree Deakins, in an amicus brief defending an employee from a company in Florida (RTW state). The company bowed to union pressure by signing a Neutrality Agreement, subjecting its employees to the ruthless union Card Check process. Instead of giving in to the card process, one employee had the backbone to stand up to the Unite Here union bullies......   Read More
Posted November 12, 2013 by David Bego in National Scene | 5 comments

Desperate Dinosaurs Show True Colors on Labor Day

If Big Labor bosses were running corporations where they were held accountable to investors and banks, they would be thrown out on their ears. However, the rank and file membership in unions do not have that type leverage or power. They have to put up with the continued lack of attention to membership needs   Read More
Posted September 04, 2013 by David Bego in National Scene | 3 comments

Desperate SEIU Resurrects Persuasion of Power!

Once again the SEIU is utilizing its patented Persuasion of Power to achieve its political goals and to boost its dwindling membership. Over the past two weeks, the SEIU has aired television commercials (see SEIU Pushes Seven Figure Ad Campaign for Immigration Reform) to support President Obama’s immigration policy, to initiate a living wage attack campaign against McDonalds and Wal-Mart......   Read More
Posted June 25, 2013 by David Bego in National Scene | Add a comment
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