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Illinois is Cooking the Books for Common Core!

In the second part of the test I was asked to explain my answers, and my mathematical computation did not count as the explanation. There were other problems that did not even involve math; all I needed to do was write a paragraph about a certain item to gain credit. Then there were the graphs. For me personally, graphs are not a major issue, ...   Read More
Posted April 15, 2014 by Guest Contributor in News | Add a comment

The Communist States of America

There are multiple layers within “progressivism’s” pseudo-utopian, truly dystopian Marxist philosophy. The left’s lust for redistributionist statism is well-known. Less understood, however, is the “progressive” rush toward cultural Marxism.   Read More
Posted April 01, 2014 by Guest Contributor in News | Add a comment

Common Core, Its all about Control!

“Grit, tenacity, and perseverance' were things I thought were developed in the home, in church or on the playing field and often translated into the class room or board room. The thought of institutionalizing the concept, while well intended, strikes me as quite a challenge. Kind of like a government trying to instill morality and ethics into a society while mocking God as having anything to say on the subject."   Read More
Posted February 03, 2014 by David Bego in News | Add a comment

The President’s Shell Game

What’s to stop Obama from giving yet another no-bid contract to yet another of his crony pals? History has taught us the hard way not to believe the slick talk of President Obama—remember “You like your plan? You can keep your plan”?—but .....   Read More
Posted January 19, 2014 by Gwendolyn Sims in News | Add a comment

Divide and Conquer

The Republican Party must reorganize and understand that fighting amongst themselves is inappropriate and counterproductive (see Boehner Blasts Conservatives). If the GOP Pins Its Hopes on Midterm Elections, it must band together with all conservatives and people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds to expose and Keep The Pressure On Obama. Just as I discussed with the Republican Whip committee last March   Read More
Posted January 09, 2014 by David Bego in News | Add a comment
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