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National “Day of Resistance” – Defend 2A Rights - Feb 23, 2013 in Ventura

We always thought that as long as we had the U.S. Constitution, we were immune to the tyranny, oppression and despotism that we’ve seen other countries in the world subjected to. And for a very long time, we were right! (pun intended). But now, we are re-living the fights of our Founding Fathers against those who would subdue and control us…and take away our most basic right to defend ourselves: our guns…   Read More
Posted February 18, 2013 by Patriot Faith in Patriotism | 1 comment

National Gun Appreciation Day - Saturday, January 19, 2013

Calling all Second Amendment supporters and those who believe that an armed people will remain a free people:   Read More
Posted January 09, 2013 by Patriot Faith in Patriotism | 7 comments

Let's Get a Brick for Bowe Bergdahl

Many of us are moved by the display of the POW MIA flag and wonder what we can do as individuals to exemplify it's meaning....   Read More
Posted March 01, 2012 in Patriotism | 4 comments

What are we looking for in a President?

“A God fearing man with traditional values, conservative instincts, executive experience, regard for the constitution, political courage, and a passion for reinvigorating federalism and restoring the balance between federal and state power to its originally intended role. (Plus, an amazing track record of job creation to run on in an election that will be about “jobs, jobs, jobs” would be nice too.)”   Read More
Posted December 28, 2011 by Rick Green in Patriotism | 2 comments

They are Not Forgotten...By Us

The negotiated release of Gilad Shilat from Hamas to Israel this morning leaves me with mixed emotions......   Read More
Posted October 18, 2011 in Patriotism | 9 comments
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