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Alice Khosravy Update: Takes Over CRA Social Media, Bans Sitting Officers...

CRA Vice President Alice Khosravy is repeating the same fraud and manipulation she used to take over the local CRA Chapter at the state level.   Read More
Posted May 15, 2015 by Aaron Park in SCV Politics | Add a comment

Steve Knight for Congress

Please take a few minutes to check out my endorsement of Steve Knight for Congress, then go to www.SteveKnight.org to get involved.   Read More
Posted May 25, 2014 by Joe Messina in SCV Politics | Add a comment

Calling All Patriot Volunteers!

Hey all you Patriots! It’s the Final Countdown! Less than 10 days and 218 hours before the 2012 Presidential polls close in California and the fate of our nation and our state is sealed for the next few years – and very possibly for a very long time after that. And you can ALL play a role in what that fate will be in one way or another!   Read More
Posted October 28, 2012 by Patriot Faith in SCV Politics | 1 comment

Birds of a Feather!

The very last thing Americans need is four more years of President Obama in the White House and sending more Democrats to Washington D.C., not to mention Sacramento. Seriously, how much more pain and suffering can we middle Americans take…. ?   Read More
Posted October 23, 2012 by Guest Contributor in SCV Politics | Add a comment

The-Signal send WRONG Signal AGAIN!

Headington represents the glaring tax-and-spend party that has this state teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and The Signal's judgment is that this guy is a bit on the moderate side   Read More
Posted October 15, 2012 by Betty Arenson in SCV Politics | 3 comments
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