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While Americans are being distracted by endless footage of crimes and civil disturbances in major cities across the country, our nation’s sovereignty hangs in the balance in Congress as House members debate the merits of the Trade Promotion Authority, better known as Fast Track.

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) has, unfortunately, already been passed in the Senate.

If passed by the House, it would allow fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement written more like a treaty that would authorize the president to finalize the creation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trans-national governing body that will have the power to supersede American sovereignty by the imposition of regulations impacting not only trade, but immigration, the environment, labor and commerce.

Passage of TPA would also fast-track two more parts of Obama’s trade agreement: the Trade in Services Act (TiSA), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). has reported that documents released by Wikileaks reveal the language in the TiSA documents “show Obamatrade, in fact, unilaterally alters current U.S. immigration law” and that “only five chapters of the purported 29 chapters in the TPP deal with matters that are considered traditional trade issues.”

The Obama administration has referred to itself as “the most transparent administration in history,” but is keeping the details of the TPP hidden from the public.

Members of Congress who want to read the text of the TPP are only allowed to see it under severely restricted conditions.

They must go to a special room, must leave their cellphones behind, may not take any copies, are monitored while in the room. Before leaving, they must surrender all notes they have taken.

GOP House leadership members were asked by Breitbart News whether they had been to the secret room to read the actual text of the TPP trade deal before deciding whether to grant President Obama the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to fast-track it.

While not answering the question directly, they asserted that, although TPP is not yet complete, TPA ensures that all members and the public have 60 days to review the final agreement before Congress acts.

As great as this sounds, TPA would also reduce the required number of votes needed in the Senate to pass a treaty, from 60 down to a simple majority.

If the members of Congress won’t even go to the trouble of reading the secret TPP text, are we now being asked to believe that all members of Congress are going to take the time to read every detail of every document related to Obama’s future trade deals?

House members like Rep. Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, are using the 60-day review period as justification for approving TPA.

I would ask Rep. Knight why any Republican would agree to fast-track a “trade agreement” that Barack Obama is keeping hidden from public scrutiny, and that would grant the president virtual dictatorial powers on immigration laws.

Breitbart News argues “… there is essentially no way to stop a trade deal once it has been fast-tracked. Since fast track was created in the Nixon administration, not one trade deal that started on fast track has been thwarted.”

Barack Obama has shown time and again that he is much cleverer than members of Congress and has out-witted them time and again with seemingly no repercussions.

One patriotic senator has read the secret text of the TPP, and in a letter to the president Jeff Sessions said, “The implications of the new Pacific Union are extraordinary and ought to be discussed in full, in public before Congress even contemplates fast-tracking its creation and pre-surrendering its power to apply the constitutional two-thirds treaty vote.

“In effect, to adopt fast-track is to agree to remove the constitutional protections against the creation of global governance structures before those structures are even made public.”

He concludes his letter by saying, “Congress should not even consider fast-tracking the transfer of sovereign power to a transnational structure before the details of that structure are made fully available for public review.”

Even in a Republican-controlled Senate, there seems to be a shortage of real patriotism.

According to a report in The Guardian, in exchange for their “yea” votes on TPA, 65 members of the Senate received donations averaging $17,678.48 from corporate TPP supporters.

Once again, the American people must look to the House of Representatives for responsible government. Are they going to allow Obama to win again?