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America moves an embassy to a country’s capital and it causes malcontents to rampage and destroy anything in their path. This would be the to-be American Embassy in Jerusalem and the tribal mentality that hates America in general, let alone anything she does.
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Betty Arenson
Rural girl, Betty Arenson, left difficult and challenging farm life behind early on, but she never forgot what she learned there. The conservative principles of self-reliance, hard work, and a deep love for America have influenced everything she’s tackled since. Betty came to the Santa Clarita Valley in 1968 when it offered carrot and onion fields, only a few traffic signals, and very limited shopping. She's a writer, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother (yes, a lot was packed into the early years) and an avid wine connoisseur (well okay, she drinks wine frequently). In those decades, she’s seen the SCV grow from a small town to a sprawling Los Angeles suburb. She’s noticed changes in the country as well--not all for the better--but she believes open dialogue with those with whom we disagree is valuable. She continues her daily efforts to make that dialogue flourish with hope it can be fruitful; even agreeing to disagree.