Caforio Calls for “Action” – Forgets to Call Police

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So, like a true Gloria Allred fanboi failed Congressional candidate, Bryan Caforio was just so triggered over a swastika painted in a remote part of the Palmdale Aqueduct that he called the press, he called “community leaders”, he even remembered to bring a fancy podium but failed to call Palmdale Sheriff’s Station and report the vandalism before his press conference.

“On Wednesday, in the aftermath of the Charlottesville terrorist attack, a swastika was painted on a sidewalk in Palmdale.” ~Beverly Hills Lawyer Bryan Caforio

So how exactly does Bryan know that this symbol of hate was painted on Wednesday? Because that is not suspicious at all. Does Caforio have access to some secret CCTV no one else knows about? Did Bryan create this crisis for his own political gain? That is unclear, but make no mistake fake hate crimes are on the rise designed to upset the public and make the people pulling stunts look like heroes. (examples here and here)

Publicity stunts like this are nothing new for Caforio who already has a slimy reputation in the community for carpetbagging into the district, strong arming legitimate local candidates out of his race and pulling childish stunts like having staffers follow, annoy and film political opponents and their families.

We do find it sad that “community leaders” needed to cheapen the incident by aligning with a political campaign desperately looking to shed its carpetbagger status. Shouldn’t the question really be, “Why would someone paint a swastika on a Palmdale aqueduct?” Do the pastors and rabbis who were present at the presser really think hate is a political issue or one of the heart? Wouldn’t it be more productive for Caforio to apply the same amount of zeal to finding out Who did this rather than assuming it was done by some “white supremacists” like the idiots who marched all way across the country in Charlottesville, NC?

And another thing if Caforio was really so concerned about the community, why did he cut the community leaders out of his youtube video? These are the people who actually live in the community, and will still be in the community after he loses to Katie Hill in the primary, isn’t their view point the one that is actually important here?

No matter what side of the political spectrum, we can agree every reasonable human being condemns hate. We at RightOnSCV condemn the swastika and all it stands for, as does our congressman:

Racism and hate have no place in our country. Period. Neo Nazis, white supremacists, KKK, and others alike speak and act only of hate and should never be defended.

— Rep. Steve Knight (Aug. 15, 2017 via Facebook)

Bryan Caforio eat a snickers bar, knock off the exploitative partisan rhetoric, condemn the person who painted the swastika and for god sake call the police when you know a crime has occured!

Have a Snickers You're being a diva
Have a Snickers Bryan You’re being a diva