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Beverly Hills Lawyer Bryan Caforio just can’t help himself, can he? In a recent tweet, Caforio talked trash to Congressman Knight for the Red Sox getting busted using a camera to steal signals from opposing teams.

The oddest part about this is that Caforio would be so short sighted to forget that it is his campaign that acts more like the Red Sox than Knight’s. Rewind back to October 2016 when the campaign is reaching its fever pitch and Caforio had a paid staffer following Knight and his family around and at one point followed the Congressman into the bathroom with cameras rolling.

Caforio seems to have an odd obsession with Congressman Knight’s baseball preferences. We really aren’t sure why since it is quite common for displaced military families to like the sports teams of the original area they are from. But the bigger issues is does this really matter? Is this really a campaign issue?

At the KHTS Congressional debate on October 3rd, Bryan Caforio could ask any hard hitting issue based opening question he wanted and he goes with “What is your favorite baseball team?” (around 5:24 mark)

Seriously? How are voters supposed to take any candidate serious who leads off with such immature and superficial question like that?

Maybe that was just last campaign and he has matured and learned his lesson, Right? No sir he has already started his childish games this campaign cycle, we only need to look to the 2017 independence day parade when a mysterious tracker with a camera started following local candidate Katie Hills every move.

Bryan if you actually care about this district like you claim, we suggest you clean up your act and start focusing on the issues that are important to the district and not which sports team each candidate likes

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