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California Democrats made it clear where their values lie and they’re certainly not looking out for the best interests and safety of California’s citizens.

The California State Assembly Judiciary Committee–run by Democrats–approved SB-54, commonly known as the “sanctuary state” bill. Sponsored by State Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLèon (D-Los Angeles), and ironically named the California Values Act, the bill prohibits state law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal ICE agents in facilitating the deportation of criminal illegal aliens. If passed, this bill would bar federal immigration agents from all state jails, and would block them from accessing state databases related to immigration.

“crimes like DUI, domestic violence, human trafficking, and rape of an unconscious person committed by an illegal alien, would not warrant deportation.”

According to Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins, SB-54 would allow illegal alien felons who have been tried and served their sentences here, to be released back into our communities to commit more crimes and terrorize innocent people.

According to, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown agrees with Sheriff Hutchins. In response to Senator DeLèon’s claim that his bill “doesn’t safeguard” criminals, Sheriff Brown believes it “provides sanctuary to criminals and makes our communities less safe.”

In truth, Senator DeLèon’ knows his bill safeguards criminal illegal aliens, and proudly admitted to the Judiciary Committee that half his family is in the country illegally, and that his relatives regularly commit identity theft in order to work in the U.S.

Since local Sheriffs would be barred from notifying ICE agents to pick up and deport illegal alien criminals, crimes like DUI, domestic violence, human trafficking, and rape of an unconscious person committed by an illegal alien, would not warrant deportation. Though Democrats carry the banner of protectors of human rights, their values apparently demand that they first protect illegal alien criminals and gang members.

During the Obama administration border rush, thousands of MS-13 gang members from Central America crossed our southern border illegally. How many of these criminals have taken up residence in Santa Clarita?

The California Values Act puts the state of California in direct violation of federal law, but any California law officer who would dare to violate SB-54, would be subject to prosecution.

You have to wonder why this Democrat-sponsored bill was named the “California Values Act.” What values does it really represent? Since when have the Democrats ever claimed to have any real values? And if they have, pray tell, what are they?