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Santa Clarita is full of colorful characters but few are more colorful than David “Cigar Dave” Barlavi, who is known for two things: one is his selfie with a cigar hanging out of his mouth and two is being a staple at liberal political protests always with a bullhorn in his hand, so for me he will always be known as “Bullhorn” Barlavi!

“Bullhorn” Barlavi was born in 1969 in Tehran, Iran. His family moved to the United States in 1979 to escape the terrorist regime and has since become a practicing lawyer here in Santa Clarita and boasts having over 200 clients! Good for him!

Despite being the picture of the American dream, Mr. Barlavi is also a very outspoken liberal activist, some might even consider him part of the “Alt-Left!” Barlavi will not hesitate to tell anyone within earshot or within “bullhorn” earshot, that he hates President Trump or anyone that supports him! He even went so far as to publicly post that he would love to take part in an attack on the White House!

I have interacted with Barlavi on more than one occasion, and he never holds back on his hatred for President Trump or anyone that supports him. His hatred does not stop at the POTUS, If you support the 2nd Amendment, he will call you an “ammosexual”, if your voter registration is Republican, he will shamelessly label you an evil person who lacks any kind of empathy.

Barlavi’s latest endeavor is to bring his brand of extreme politicals to our local business community by creating what he calls “The Chamber of Conscious.” This group is his attempt at uniting leftist business owners. The Chamber of Conscience’s mission statement says its goals are to unite liberal business owners that embrace issues like BLM, anti-militarism, illegal immigration, Syrian refugees etc.

To become a voting member of this organization, you have to pay almost as much to join a regular business organization like SCV Chamber of Commerce or VIA. This is fine and dandy, but begs the question, isn’t this organization just an unregulated Political Action Committee (PAC)?

The Chamber of Conscience’s mission statement reads “To work with and support local Democratic clubs, and progressive groups & candidates to further our unique values in our communities.” while defines a Political Action Committee as “A popular term for a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. Most PACs represent business, labor or ideological interests.” The Chamber of Conscience’s mission statement sounds exactly like the textbook definition of a political action committee! Even more damning is the fact that anyone can join EXCEPT Republicans and Libertarians!

Aren’t leftist like “Bullhorn” Barlavi always clamoring about clean money in politics? I can’t help to see some hypocrisy on this especially when other liberals like Santa Clarita City Council Candidate Logan Smith, who works with California Clean Money Campaign and California Clean Money Action Fund, sees no issue in supporting what amounts to an unregulated Political Action Committee.

Mr. Balavi should do the right thing and properly register his organization as a Political Action Committee and submit to all state and federal regulations.