Connecting Right: October 8, 2017

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Connecting Right – Special Guest Bob Lindsey For Sheriff, Local Victims From Las Vegas, Golden Valley DUI Collision – October 8, 2017

Host’s: Dave Goss, Sean Griffin

Guests: Bob Lindsey

Topic: Special Guest Bob Lindsey For Sheriff, Local Victims From Las Vegas, Golden Valley DUI Collision

connectingRIGHT – October 9, 2017
In this episode of connectingRIGHT Dave and Sean are joined by Bob Lindsey, a longtime lawman and candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff, then the pair turn their sights to some of the local victims from the Las Vegas Shooting before turning to a lighter note. Finally Dave and Sean wrap up the show with some reflections on the recent tragic DUI related death on Golden Valley.
Bob Lindsey For Sheriff

Dave and Sean welcome Bob Lindsey to the KHTS Studio to talk all about his upcoming run for Los Angeles County Sheriff in 2018, listen in as the guys explore some of Lindsey’s stances on hot topics such as gun control and body cams. Dave and Sean even ask Lindsey some of your questions from the Facebook Live stream.
Support For Local Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

Next up Sean and Dave take some time to reflect on the deadly Las Vegas Shooting that took place just hours after last weeks show wrapped and get into an impassioned debate on gun control and how effective it can be.
Tragic Golden Valley Crash And How To Avoid DUI Deaths

Sean and Dave finish the show touching on a recent tragedy in the Santa Clarita Valley as a local young mother was killed in a deadly collision that authorities believe to be DUI related.
The guys bring up the numerous options available to Santa Clarita residents to avoid getting behind the wheel drunk.

About Bob Lindsey:

I have a clear vision of what the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department should be: the premier law enforcement agency in Southern California. We will partner with the many diverse communities.

I envision a law enforcement department, accountable to the citizenry, and committed to their law enforcement oath. Deputy Sheriffs who will stand undaunted in providing a secure and safe future for all citizens we serve…Read More.