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By. Jacob Airey

On Tuesday, October 3rd, the California State Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing to address “Combatting Hate While Protecting the Constitution” (and yes, they did actually misspell the title) in Sacramento. While this meeting sounds important, the Judiciary Committee that organized the hearing failed to incorporate a single conservative voice in any of the testimony, despite the fact that right-wing and center-right speakers have encountered hateful backlash on college campuses in recent months.

The committee’s “background paper” claims there is “evidence, both in terms of trends and individual incidents, that overt expressions of racism and other forms of hatred are on the rise nationally and in California.” While the paper does cite instances of violence against conservative and right-leaning speakers, it also implies a “controversial” tone in what these speakers had to say:

In addition to the trends and incidents involving clear and overt forms of racism and hate, there have been numerous other confrontations in California over the past year that followed similar patterns. In these incidents, the people speaking or assembling did not explicitly or directly identify themselves as white supremacists or neo-Nazis… In some cases organizers of the events publicly disavowed such groups. Whether or not the viewpoints expressed by those who did not identify as white supremacists could nonetheless be considered discriminatory, racist, or hateful is subject to debate.

The committee’s background paper commented on events such as the so-called “Battle of Berkeley” event in February of this year, when groups of violent Antifa rioters assaulted free speech advocates who were there to hear Milo Yiannopoulos speak on campus, causing the event to be canceled.

The paper also cites incidents in March when peaceful Trump supporters were assaulted by Antifa members in brutal ways, as well as the purposed “Free Speech Week” that was supposed to have happened in September. It was canceled after several speakers, such as singers Joy Villa and Kaya Jones, received death threats.

Even with the overwhelming evidence that far-Left protesters are assaulting conservatives and other free speech advocates, not a single right-leaning speaker has been invited to speak at the hearing.

The hearing will host individuals working for far-Left organizations, such as Eric Harris of the NAACP and Jo Michae of Equality California.

Committee Vice Chairman Senator John Moorlach decided to buck the opposition, inviting The Daily Wire‘s Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro to the hearing. He said in a press release: “As Vice Chair, I invited noted political commentator and free speech advocate Ben Shapiro to testify before the committee in an effort to provide a conservative viewpoint.”

Moorlach is one of two Republicans who sit on the committee.

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