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First, we must address the title itself, which reads “Early Hopefuls for the City Council Race” this would lead a reasonable person to conclude that this article is to go over all the people who plan on running for city council, but the article doesn’t talk at all about hopefuls like Logan Smith who announced his intent a while back, nor does it ask Brett Haddock, Sean Weber, Mark White, Al Ferdman or TimBen Boydston if they plan on running in 2018.

Then Carl Boyer states “who has not had a smooth ride since being appointed in January, is vulnerable if a Latino runs against him.” Now no disrespect to Carl Boyer but what does he know about winning an election in 2018? Claiming that Bill Miranda would be vulnerable if another Latino were to enter the mix is about as ignorant as can be. Is he really suggesting that Latinos will only vote for another Latino? Latinos only see skin color? Is anyone reading this stuff before it goes out? Is it any wonder that Sutton has gotten questions about racism within the Gazette?

So If you can manage to navigate through the jumbled mess that is this article, what you end up with is just another poorly concealed hit piece on Councilman Bill Miranda and Senator Scott Wilk. In fact, the only real news in this article is that Gloria Mercado-Fortine IS STILL salty and blaming everyone and everything but herself for losing her third incumbency. An incredible feat considering incumbency is the single greatest advantage a candidate can have. The last elections that Bruce and Gloria won were only with the help of Buck McKeon’s chief of staff Bob Hauter. If you are unaware of Bob Hauter, he is the wonderful fella that gave us, Stephen Winkler!

Toward the end, Gloria states that “He (Scott Wilk) went after Bruce (Fortine) and I before.” Sorry but we have to ask it, why is Barnathan covering political if he doesn’t have enough knowledge to ask a simple follow-up question like how exactly did Senator Wilk “go after Bruce?” Nothing like completely vague accusations without specifics, Gloria sounding more and more like SCV’s own Hillary Clinton. How are their losses anyone else’s fault but Bruce and Gloria? Gloria was Bruce’s campaign manager and proceeded to lose to democrat Dr. Edel Alonso who had almost zero name id. There was no Wilk endorsement in that race, and it was Bruce’s own decisions that fumbled him the 38th central committee endorsement which was his to lose and he proceeded to force the 38th Central Committee’s hand by endorsing democrat Julie Olsen in the SUSD and then when asked by the Chair if he had endorsed any democrats in the previous 6 months, Bruce Fortine stood in front of them and said that he hadn’t while the committee members stared at his name on Olsen’s endorsement page. It would have been much better to just own the endorsement and give an explanation for the endorsement.

The fact is Bruce Fortine losing his COC race comes down to the same three reasons that Gloria lost her Hart board race, And those reasons were one, They got seriously outworked by their opponents, Linda Storli worked her tail feather off like few candidates before making contact with nearly every possible voter in the district. Two, Bruce and Gloria made egregious unforced errors. Like going on vacation at the height of campaign season, while her opponent canceled her vacation! That means while Gloria was working on her tan for election night Linda Storli was grinding the campaign trail, again reminding us of when Hillary didn’t make campaign stops in Wisconsin. Oh and do not forget Gloria having multiple campaign accounts open for various offices, is a completely boneheaded political error. And finally, Bruce and Gloria both have a “Google” problem, which is to say that any undecided voters that might google them might find some unflattering results that don’t exactly work in their favor like (this or this).

We really aren’t surprised at Gloria’s classless blame shift toward the Senator this week because just like Hillary Clinton nothing is ever Gloria’s fault. Sadly Nothing really sums up Gloria’s entitlement mentality more than when she was being questioned by her colleagues about her connections with a local charter school organization and why she would never declare her involvement and simply recuse herself from votes on charter-related issues. Her obstinance on the matter caused he colleagues to skip over Gloria for board president in 2010, Gloria knew exactly why the board felt uncomfortable with her being named president but she proceeded to disingenuously play the race card stating “I’m a strong personality on the board, I’m Hispanic and I’m a woman.” *

We thank Gloria and Bruce for their past service to the community, however, no one is entitled to a public office. Running a winning campaign is a full-time job, it requires more than glad-handing at events and sending out a few mailers. If a candidate doesn’t put in the hard work, they shouldn’t expect to win on election day. Own it.

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  • Stephen Petzold

    If my memory serves, Wilk’s representative at the 38th Central Committee meeting voted to endorse Ronda-Baldwin-Kennedy. I also believe that Wilk’s campaign committee provided funding to Linda Storli in the Hart race.

    • RightOnSCV

      Hello Mr. Petzold,

      Even if true, what difference does it make? Mrs. Kennedy did not secure the 38th Central Committee endorsement either. To our knowledge, Wilk did not donate to either of Bruce’s opponents.

      Senator Wilk has given money to many candidates, it is standard operating procedure for candidates regardless of what level to donate to each other campaigns. The fact remains B & G have both recruited and supported opponents of people they have been on boards with, the most recent being a 19-year-old Andrew Taban against Steve Sturgeon. No one is running to the press calling her names.

      It is little insulting to everyone involved to push a narrative that people are just a bunch of puppets that follow orders. Your local GOP is full of very intelligent caring people, you should give us a try sometimes.

      • Stephen Petzold

        Are you an oracle ? Why remain anonymous? Please pull back the curtain , we request your identity.

        • RightOnSCV

          Sorry, Mr. Petzold,

          Like it or not Publications like Right On SCV do editorials all the time, we are not going to allow this or any other discussion to divulge into a wrestling match of personalities. There are many good people in this community that do not feel comfortable speaking up or run for public office because of the unfair verbal assault they might endure from people with selfish personal agendas.

          Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.

          • Stephen Petzold

            It is unfortunate that Bill Miranda does not respond to inquiries by Lee Barnathan. Why not?

            I guess that Senator Wilk would be more than welcome to submit an opinion piece to The Gazette or have an interview with Lee Barnathan on a variety of topics.

            The citizens of the SCV have a deep desire for clarity, they do not expect agreement on each issue .

          • RightOnSCV

            Mr. Petzold,

            So many things wrong with your comment.

            Have you ever heard of the logical fallacy called the “burden of proof” – “The burden of proof lies with someone who is making a claim, and is not upon anyone else to disprove. The inability, or disinclination, to disprove a claim does not render that claim valid, nor give it any credence whatsoever.” (

            Both You and Mr. Sutton on multiple occasions said something along the lines of “prove us wrong.” I am sorry this isn’t how the world works you don’t get to make innuendos and flirt with making accusations and then say prove you did nothing wrong. It is the job of the accuser to prove guilt not the job of the accused to prove their innocence.

            Where there some errors with the Chamber filings, Yes.

            Do errors mean there was wrongdoing? No.

            You, Gloria and Sutton, were asked to present whatever had that was so damning to help with the investigation/audit and to our knowledge, you all refused. Attempting to tear down a good man to further personal agenda makes this entire thing a black mark on all of you.

            We can only speculate about the Senator, so we are not going to comment on him.

            Have a great day.

          • Stephen Petzold

            I fail to understand burden of proof as a logical fallacy. However, it seems that RoSCV is expert at the ad hominem attack. Carl Goldman promised to invite Bill Miranda and Doug Sutton back to the studio when the SCV Latino Chamber finished their admittedly delinquent IRS tax returns. Perhaps RoSCV can prevail upon their good friends at KHTS to fulfill their promise to invite Doug Sutton and Bill Miranda back in studio . The Goldmans stopped responding to my inquiry.

          • Absolutely Mr. Petzold, We will get right on that, right after Mr. Sutton starts “ranting” about his new business partner’s financial indiscretions, which are far worse than anything you have in your folder.

          • Stephen Petzold

            Friends, that fallacy is known as the red herring.

          • Mr. Petzold, We are just pointing out the hypocrisy, but you are more than welcome to submit a column to Right On SCV with whatever evidence you claim to have. As far as we are concerned the Latino Chamber matter was closed some time ago. The reluctance to show whatever “evidence” that is driving your witch is highly suspect.

          • Stephen Petzold

            In this weeks Doug’s Rant…. published in The SCV Gazette….Doug Sutton expresses his frustration with opinion writer’s use of anonymity. Doug sums up his Rant by referring to the author and insinuation of racism at the Gazette as CHICKEN EXCREMENT. It is rather rich that the author accuse Sutton as racist after referencing that Gloria Mercado-Fortine went on vacation to work on her tan during the campaign.

          • Hello, again Stephen,

            You and Sutton are both being extremely dishonest about what was written by Right On SCV. Mr. Sutton was not called racist, what we said is “Is it any wonder that Sutton has gotten questions about racism within the Gazette?” Which is to say that we are not surprised by calls of racism when the Gazette continues to write things that appear demeaning to Latinos, or obsess and unfairly smear the lone Latino on the city council.

            Both you and Doug Sutton have had multiple opportunities to present whatever evidence you claim to have and you both have refused to do the right thing, which is to put up or shut up.

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