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By. KHTS Newsroom

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, a candlelight vigil named “Pray for Vegas” is being planned to support victims from Santa Clarita and beyond.

The event is set to take place on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. at Marketplace Park, located on the corner of Newhall Ranch Road and Grandview Drive near Real Life Church.

“People are important, and it’s important to honor them as human beings and the contribution that they are to their families and the world,” said Alex Urbina, a life coach who has been working with a number of Las Vegas shooting victims in Santa Clarita.

Urbina continued, “In such a tragedy like this, having a candlelight vigil is also an opportunity for all of us to spend one moment in time where we support those families, but also for all of us to just come together as a community and just connect and experience the love that we have for each other and humanity.”

“Pray for Vegas” will give residents the chance to offer support, hope and healing to those affected by the tragedy, according to event organizers.

“The Santa Clarita Coalition and KHTS, like everyone else, has been deeply impacted by the event in Las Vegas last Sunday,” said KHTS Co-Owner and Santa Clarita Coalition Co-Founder Carl Goldman. “Hearing stories from many victims has touched us dramatically.”

At least nine Santa Clarita residents were wounded during the Las Vegas shooting, while one Santa Clarita man, John Phippen, and one Palmdale resident, Jenny Parks, were killed. Dozens of others have been directly or indirectly affected or traumatized by the event.

“Wednesday night’s event is being created as a chance for all of us to continue the healing process,” Goldman added.

Mayor Cameron Smyth, along with other Santa Clarita City Council members and many local legislators, are expected to be part of the vigil, in addition to a number of faith-based leaders from the Santa Clarita Valley.

“Words cannot describe the heartache we are feeling for all the victims of this most cowardly act and we are especially concerned for the Santa Clarita residents who were injured, particularly the family of John Phippen, who was tragically killed,” said Smyth in a previous statement. “As always, Santa Clarita will rally around our neighbors and provide the support necessary as they cope with this senseless massacre.”

This event is a community collaboration spearheaded by Real Life Church, The Santa Clarita Coalition, KHTS Radio, The City of Santa Clarita and many other local organizations.

The vigil comes on the heels of a discussion hosted by Child & Family Center, The Santa Clarita Coalition and Life Coach Alex Urbina earlier this week called “Santa Clarita Grieves.”

Therapeutic counselors lead the discussion to help guide attendees on how to make sense of what happened and start moving forward with their lives in a powerful way.

For more information on the “Pray for Vegas” candlelight vigil in Santa Clarita, click here.

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