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By. Chris McCrory for KHTS

KHTS received several vulgar text messages from a Saugus Union School District board member that show profanity-laced insults directed at members of the Santa Clarita community.

Julie Olsen, the newest of the elementary school district’s governing board, sent the texts over a period of at least a year, with the earliest messages obtained by KHTS dating back to December of 2016, the year she was elected.
In the messages, Olsen referenced several people, calling them expletive-laden and insulting names.

Among them, a Santa Clarita resident named Jill Gebhardt was called a “total c**t” in a text Olsen sent referencing former Castaic School Board member Bruce Fox, who ran against her in 2016.

Another text called Castaic resident John Zaring “an impotent little troll,” and said he hated Olsen because “I won’t suck his d**k. I won’t suck his d**k because he doesn’t have one.”
California delegate Shawnee Badger was called a “psycho drama queen,” in similar texts. And Democratic activist Julie Hannant was referred to as a “snapchat addicted teenager” and a “f***ing weirdo.”

Sandra Cattell, a representative from the Sierra Club, was referred to as a “f***ing b***h.” Olsen said she wished Cattell and Santa Clarita businessman Nate Imhoff would “crash into each other in a fiery fatal blaze.”

Cattell said although she was unaware of the texts, Olsen had apologized to her for her conduct sometime after they were sent.

“Julie and i talked quite a few months ago,” Cattell said. “She apologized months ago to me and told me ‘I’ve seen how hard you work and how much you care about people. I was wrong and I apologize.’”

Imhoff was “shocked” upon learning of the texts, he told KHTS.

“I am shocked and dismayed to hear that a fellow parent and a person of power in our education system would say that about anyone,” he s


KHTS made numerous attempts to contact Olsen about the texts, but she did not return multiple requests for comment before this story went to print.

In a statement, the Saugus Union District said the other members of the governing board are aware of the situation, and are looking into it “in accordance with board policy.”

KHTS spoke with several Saugus Union School District Board members who expressed their concern upon hearing about the text messages, especially after the previous challenges with ex-trustee Stephen Winkler.

In 2013, Winkler was censured over inappropriate comments comments he allegedly made through social media accounts, and accusations of maintaining a residence in Sylmar, outside of school district boundaries.

The school board voted 4-1 to remove him from the district’s governing body, and a lawsuit in 2014 officially ended his term.

After the Winkler incident, the district added provisions to their bylaws to address possible future incidents, officials said.

District officials are still working to determine if the multiple texts, sent over a 12-month period, are enough to activate those board policies.