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It began years ago under the faulty premise that government should be involved in American healthcare.

It continued in 2010, in a colossal show of partisanship, when the Left unanimously forced government-run healthcare on all of us under the cover of night.

And last week, in broad daylight, government-run health care was cemented in place–possibly for all time–by three traitorous Senators on the Right as they voted not to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). California’s two Democrat Senators, Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein, each heartily celebrated their vote to keep the ACA in place.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, a gravely ill 10-month-old little boy languished in his hospital crib because government-run healthcare had denied him the life-saving medical care that his parents wanted. That’s government-run healthcare.

Little Charlie Gard’s parents fought tirelessly to get him the help he so desperately needed and deserved, but to no avail. The U.K.’s government-run healthcare system deemed little Charlie unworthy of saving and denied him his chance at life at every turn.

Little Charlie was less than a year old, and yet, his parents were not permitted to make even the most basic of medical decisions for him–the decision of whether he lived or died. And die he did in a sterile hospital room on the same day the ACA was not repealed.

In fact, government-run healthcare denied Charlie’s parents the right to have him die at home out of fear they might seek to get him further treatment. In the U.K., parents no longer decide what’s best for their children, the government decides. That’s government healthcare.

Today, another ill little boy has taken Charlie’s place. Little Alfie Evans lies in a crib in a coma with an undiagnosed disease. His U.K. government doctors are recommending turning off Alfie’s life-support because they cannot agree on a diagnosis. They say the 14-month-old is a “futile patient” even though his parents want to continue with treatment.

That’s government-run healthcare and that’s the problem when government bureaucrats are in charge of people’s lives. And yet, the very same heartless government-run healthcare system that killed Little Charlie and may still kill Little Alfie, is the same system the Left (and some on the Right) want for us all.

Here’s a few questions for our California Senators and those on the Right who voted to keep the ACA:  

  • How many disabled, elderly, or “futile patients” must die here in the U.S. to appease your sense of partisanship and fairness?
  • How many must die simply because the government determines their lives aren’t worth the cost?
  • How many of your family members are you willing to sacrifice?
  • Will you sacrifice yourself?

How many more Charlies and Alfies do we need to lose before we learn the terrible lesson of dispassionate government-run healthcare?