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For decades California environmentalists have heaped regulation upon regulation prohibiting building and changing of the landscape of this once-great state. But now, they find they have regulated themselves into a corner while trying to build the high-speed rail line. And guess what? Even though they made the regulations, they no longer want the rules to apply to them.

So, like the uber special human beings we all know them to be, the liberals now seek to exempt themselves and their pet project from all relevant environmental regulations. Yes, you read that correctly. Proponents of the high-speed rail line believe they are special enough to be free to damage the environment unhindered by the very regulations they expect, nay, demand all the rest of us live by.

To this end, the fight has gone, where else but the liberals’ favorite venue, the courtroom. Three years ago, the Board said not only did they not have to litigate any CA laws, but HSR project was also exempt from CA laws. This set off a firestorm of lawsuits with more to come.

Isn’t it funny how liberals clamor endlessly for federal laws when it benefits them, but when federal law doesn’t, they claim a newfound love for state law? For liberals, rules don’t matter because the end justifies the means.

Last week, the most liberal court in the land, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, sent down a decision sure to create even more lawsuits as building continues from San Fransisco to Bakersfield down through the Santa Clarita Valley and on to Los Angeles. The 9th Court “dismissed as merely advisory a federal board’s decision declaring the project immune from the state’s environmental laws.”

While this decision may be overturned by a federal court, it may not be. What about the four poor endangered and threatened species in the SCV? Don’t their lives matter to the liberals any more? They sure seemed to matter with every application for expansion that homebuilders put in before this. What if the high-speed rail threatens even more species? What if it threatens the very peace and health of the environment we all inhabit all without even a single station in the SCV?

Governor Jerry Brown’s high-speed rail is supposed to make getting from point A to point B much faster, but so far all it has produced is a litigation storm and potential environmental havoc; at least the lawyers are happy. The question is, will we be happy having this train come through our valley knowing it is exempt from laws designed to supposedly protect our valley? We think not.