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The stunt-prone liberal group “CA25 United for Progress” (25UP) continues its distasteful practice of labeling their democrat sponsored political fundraisers as “town halls.” This time 25UP got their buddies from all the way up in the Antelope Valley i.e. Democratic Club of the High Desert to pony up the cash to bring Congressman Ted Lieu of California’s 33rd which encompasses much of West Los Angeles to come all the way up to Congressman Knight’s district.

Generally, Town Halls are non-partisan, publically sponsored events, where officials are able to speak with their constituents or listen to their constituent’s concerns, feelings, experiences etc. These events never ask for political donations when citizen RSVPs for the events.

Last time “CA25 United for Progress” pulled this fake town hall stunt, Gretchen Zovak a representative for the group admitted that these are in fact private events after denying a group of Republicans after trying to purchase of VIP tickets she stated “Since she (Judy Chu) is not elected in our district, this is essentially a private event, funded by 25UP. Though we are not required to, we have chosen to open the event to the public.” The same would apply to Ted Lieu, he was also not elected in our district and the attendees are not his constituents there for it is a private event designed to raise money for electioneering purposes.

People that wish to attend this dog and pony show are required to register for a ticket and must agree to “a code of conduct.” Yes, you heard that right, a code of conduct because god forbid anyone acts just like they did at the real Town Halls Congressman Knight held earlier this year, where they shouted down Congressman Knight every chance they got, held up signs and chanted various phrases and were just generally rowdy and disruptive. That is all banned for their fake town hall.

Essentially local Democrats really just wants to create a safe space for themselves, no seriously they literally say it right in their description of the event “Above all, this is a safe and respectful space where people from the 25th district…” which is dog whistle for “Don’t worry you will not have your viewpoints challenged you will hear what you want to hear”

If Local Democrats really cared about Santa Clarita Valley they would be more transparent about their event’s real purposes and give up the practice of mislabeling their fundraisers and political rallies as town halls in an attempt to give the public the impression that this is a non-partisan event open to the public where they can hear from their local representative.