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The always colorful Joe Messina is no stranger to controversy, Joe has amassed a large group of dedicated haters in our community who follow him around waging their fingers and attempting to shame him everywhere they possibly can.

But last week we witnessed one of the most hostile attacks of a public local official, and all because Mr. Messina shared a simple post about Focus on the Family’s Bring Your Bible to School Day which was held October 5th and wrote “Exercise your free speech rights .. Dont[sic] be ashamed of who you are… ”

This simple post set off a liberal meltdown in the Santa Clarita Community group which had liberals claiming it is a violation of the constitution and separation of church and state, to out and hostility with one user commenting “F*** off Joe Messina” and another calling Mr. Messina a pig both being clear violations of the group’s rules which states “No personal attacks or threatening of other members” It should also be noted that Saugus Union School District Trustee and democrat activist Julie Olsen is the admin of this group and seems to be condoning the attacks against Messina and/or the idea that students should be free to bring their Bible to school, the latter being a very disturbing position for sitting school board trustee. One user even tagged Mrs. Olsen asking her to weigh in on the subject which she did not.

One of the more embarrassing comments was posted by Ryan Hubbard who wrote, “Has anyone mentioned the hypocrisy of how Joe Messina’s Real Side website where it trashes NFL players for exercising their First Amendment rights in protest in an article written by Betty Arenson. However, god forbid Liberals stop kids from bringing their bibles [sic] to school! So I guess the First Amendment only applies to speech/prayer/protests the “Real Side” agrees with?” Mr. Hubbard should probably reread what he wrote, it is one thing to criticize people for their action or speech it is a completely different thing to attempt deny people their constitutional rights, in this case, Ryan Hubbard admits that liberal do actually want to stop kids from having their freedom to bring their bible to school.

Liberals like Mr. Hubbard don’t understand that the separation of church-state goes both ways, that includes prohibiting the free exercise of their faith “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” This also means that Mr. Messina is free to have his faith and express that in any way he chooses.

Kevin Hannant an outspoken Bryan Caforio supporter posted what appears to be a doctored screenshot of Joe Messina claiming Obama is a Muslim and should be arrested for treason. Pro Tip for Mr. Hannant: If you going to attempt to put the frame on a guy at least use the default Facebook app font.

By far the most amusing part of this whole meltdown were the people that said they would bring a Torah, The Torah is the first five books of the bible and easily the least friendly books to the LGBT community.