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In a recent Signal commentary, Jim De Bree jumped on the popular bandwagon of criticizing President Trump. Admittedly, there are things to criticize Trump for, but the mainstream media and Trump-haters in general take it far and away from prudence.

The president’s adult offspring and wife are attacked mercilessly. The youngest son, who was but 10 years old at election time, has been trashed and ridiculed, and too many critics had no problem labeling him autistic.


The referenced commentary asks, “Why would a president make such disgusting remarks about Mika Brzezinski and Megan Kelly?

There’s no overriding excuse for the comments about Kelly, in my opinion. She met him head-on with tough questions, and that’s fair game. However, MSNBC’s Brzezinski and her co-host/boyfriend have been persistently vile in their attacks on Trump.

That couple has a daily television presence with every day a theme of degradation and name-calling of President Trump. They’ve called him the proverbial every name in the book, and the kicker was the day Scarborough called him a name in Yiddish that could not be printed here if I stated its translation.

Trump was non-rebutting from the November 2016 election until late June, when he fired back. Absurdly, these two state Trump is obsessed with them!

Prior presidents didn’t experience this degree of despicability. Had this happened to Barack Obama, there would have been violence in the streets and elsewhere.

For those who think Trump shouldn’t respond at all: 1.He’s been sensible or silent on attacks on his wife, son, Ivanka and the state of his marriage. 2. He’s his own mouthpiece, not a delegator to attack dogs.

3. George Bush did not respond to the insults foisted upon him. He remained a hushed gentleman under the scorn, and as a consequence he left the Oval Office with a reputation for being unable to read or to orate – in short, as a big dunce.

That just goes to show that “acting presidential” doesn’t curtail the scorn at all.

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Betty Arenson
Rural girl, Betty Arenson, left difficult and challenging farm life behind early on, but she never forgot what she learned there. The conservative principles of self-reliance, hard work, and a deep love for America have influenced everything she’s tackled since. Betty came to the Santa Clarita Valley in 1968 when it offered carrot and onion fields, only a few traffic signals, and very limited shopping. She's a writer, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother (yes, a lot was packed into the early years) and an avid wine connoisseur (well okay, she drinks wine frequently). In those decades, she’s seen the SCV grow from a small town to a sprawling Los Angeles suburb. She’s noticed changes in the country as well--not all for the better--but she believes open dialogue with those with whom we disagree is valuable. She continues her daily efforts to make that dialogue flourish with hope it can be fruitful; even agreeing to disagree.