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The assertion of the Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee computers and attempted hacking of the Republican National Committee’s as well has been and is a hot topic. It’s said the RNC took preventatives actions and the DNC did not.

The “hacking” has taken a miserable turn for Democrats.  The real story is becoming a much larger one and while there are many sources to search, it’s not being given to us by the Main Stream Media.

The amount of “investigations” occurring now is nearly incalculable. And of course, as investigations grow there are always many new roads to tread.

The default position of “the Russians did it” may soon be obliterated.

One of the congressional investigations has revealed the ugliness of the four Awan family members and a friend.

There is a surfeit amount of information from multiple sources to research, but space allows for just the highlights; highlights that should drive every reasonable person to demand more.

Pakistani-American Imran Awan, IT Tech, began working for Debbie Wasserman- Schultz (D-FL) in 2005. She then became DNC Chairperson from May 2011 until her late July 2016 resignation after it was shown she tipped the scales in the primary election for Hillary Clinton. She was immediately hired for by Hillary.

Quickly four Awan family members were on the payroll of several House Democrats. Irrespective of rarely being visible, they garnered over $4 million of taxpayer money just from 2009 to recently.

In February 2017 Awan, brothers Abid and Jamal, wife Hina Alvi and friend Rao Abbas were banned from accessing the House computer network via the House Sergeant at Arms and the U.S. Capitol Police.  The accusations were “stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network”.

Irrespective of this massive red flag, Wasserman-Schultz and others continued their employment until late July 2017 when arrests took place.

The Daily Caller reports:

    • A “secret server” has been found and suggested that it “was being housed by the House Democratic Caucus”;
    • Imran Awan, now-indicted, “allegedly routed data from numerous House Democrats to a secret server”;
    • Police requested a copy of the server but were given “An elaborate falsified image designed to hide the massive violations”;
    • Huge quantities of data were backed up to Dropbox. Since congressional offices are forbidden to use Dropbox, this means an “unofficial account” was established, therefore Awan has the opportunity to access the data to the congressional networks he’s been banned from;
    • Awan’s group “was using the House Democratic Caucus as their central warehouse…It was a breach. The data was completely out of (the members’) possession. Does this mean it was sold to the Russians?” That question looms.

While it’s probable Awan has access to top secret emails from all of the House of Representatives, at least 45 are known to have been breached.  Are the involved Congressional Democrats now vulnerable with the threat of embarrassing information being released?

Reportedly, “Democrats have refused to acknowledge the cybersecurity breach publicly or criticize the suspects”. That isn’t difficult to reason; Awan’s group holds a lot of information that could be exposed any moment. Wasserman-Schultz has feverishly worked to stop any revelations. She’s threatened the Capital Police with “consequences” , is uncooperative and there’s been accusations of Islam-phobia.

Awan’s wife has been charged with getting loans (our money) from the Congressional Federal Credit Union under the guise of buying a house, although she rented elsewhere. Ultimately the $283,000 was wired to Pakistan.  She and two children have fled to Pakistan. Imran was arrested at the airport and has been indicted.

There is much, more to this story and it just isn’t in faraway Washington D.C.; it’s in our back yard.

The Daily Caller reported the “secret server” was discovered when the House Democratic Caucus Chairman wanted his server wiped clean because he was leaving for a job in California. The chairman is Xavier Becerra and he’s now California’s Attorney General, thanks to Jerry Brown.

From 2004 to January 2017, Becerra’s congressional office and Becerra himself paid about $226,800 to the Awans; “he was responsible for far more of the payments to the Awan family than any other member. $1,499 was paid 2017 before Becerra’s departure on January 24, 2017.

Governor Jerry Brown gleefully announced his choice with “Xavier has been an outstanding public servant – in the State Legislature, the U.S. Congress and as a deputy attorney general. I’m confident he will be a champion for all Californians and help our state aggressively combat climate change.”

Climate change may not be Becerra’s focus in the future.

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