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The liberal group “CA25 United for Progress” (25UP) seems to be very upset that Right On SCV shined a light on their scheme to deceive the public. We find it unfortunate that 25UP in arrogantly unrepentant and doubling down on framing their partisan political rally as a nonpartisan community townhall of which your average Santa Clarita citizen would be unable to tell apart. It is clear that this fake townhall scheme is designed to be a recruiting tool for citizens that might have actual questions or concerns for THEIR representatives.

25UP mouthpiece Gretchen Zovak came at Right On SCV with a few salty comments to which we would like to respond.

“‘Sorry, Gretchen, but we have a duty to protect’
>>Sorry, but what ACTUAL protection do you ACTUALLY provide? Blogging doesn’t really qualify as providing “protection” from anything.”

Not a great point Gretchen, what qualifies a person to adequetly protect their community? Right On SCV is a coalition of people all actively involved in this community. What more qualifications do we need? If our valley’s media outlets were calling 25UP out for your many divisive partisan stunts we wouldn’t need to exist. Your group is attempting to deceive, and recruit low information voters and we are shining a light on the deception. Have your rally, have ten rallies for all we care just be upfront and transparent about what you are doing. It should also be noted that we got your attention.

“‘from people who actively attempt to deceive its citizens.’
>>You’re hiding (anonymously) behind a website- so WHO exactly is “attempting to deceive” here? I noticed you even took down your contributor list. It was up there a couple months ago. Where’d it go?”

Gretchen, maybe we missed where you called out the Democratic Alliance For Action (DAA) who issues anonymous statements on a nearly daily basis calling for this and that or the Signal Editorial staff that writes anonymously. You don’t seem to mind since all of those people are actively working with local democrats to disrupt Republican leadership.

We didn’t take down our contributors list we took it off the menu because we needed room for other options. We will be adding it in another spot soon as well as adding to the mobile app. Everyone here was pretty pumped that you guys putting screens of their names like being a Republican is something to be ashamed of. All of our contributors are people that want the best for this community and would enjoy a meaningful dialog with reasonable democrats.

“‘We have reports from a few Republicans in that event who claimed they were physically threatened by Anthony Brezican the moment he entered the room.’
>>I have never met Anthony Brezican. He is not representative of how your “few Republicans” were treated that night. However, I’ve seen the video you’re talking about on the Triggering podcast. Not exactly menacing, but not exactly kind & welcoming.”

Odd that you don’t feel the need to condemn physical threats made against citizens in an event pitched by your group as a nonpartisan townhall. To our knowledge, the physical threat Mr. Brezican made was not recorded on video. This seems like an easy one Gretchen, intimidation, and threats of physical violence should never be tolerated. We live in an age that now requires colleges like UC Berkley to spend 600k on security to protect a moderate Republican speaker because words were going to happen.

“Now, if you insist on holding all liberals responsible for Anthony’s behavior, then ALL of you conservatives are responsible for the aforementioned stalking & disruption efforts on Facebook. Oh right, AND you are responsible for the fool that kept yelling at that event like he had conservative Tourette’s syndrome.”

Tourette’s Syndrome huh? Isn’t that a microaggression or something? Do we really need to post the videos of democrats yelling, screaming at the various Knight townhalls? In the linked video you can see Mr. Brezican right in front of the camera yelling across the room and encouraging the disruptive behavior. So apparently it is completely fine for democrats to disrupt legitimate townhalls with “Tourette’s” like behavior but god forbid anyone disrupt your events?

We did find it very humorous that Joe Messina’s comment stating democrats acted like a “Bunch of 17-year-old spoiled brats.” at the real townhalls was met with a rally of disingenuous pearl-clutching from Democrats and the local media who took comments from of Mr. Breznican who expected an apology from Mr. Messina! Now imagine if Joe Messina had said democrats had Tourette’s syndrome? or like Mr. Breznican did call a democrat leader a pig?

“‘Given the Democrat connection with violent terrorist group Antifa, this is not a good look for your people.’
>>There are so many fallacies in that sentence, it’s hard to know where to start, but I’ll give it a shot. There is NO Democrat connection with Antifa, which is NOT classified as a terrorist group. They certainly don’t reflect on “my people” at all. I think Antifa consists of a bunch of millennials that are so frustrated they [sic] they’ve become a decentralized army looking for a war. As such, they have no connection to any party or ideology other than their own. If you expect liberals to have to answer for Antifa, then you have to claim the Alt-Right and all ideologies entailed therein. Are you willing to defend white supremacy, Richard Spencer, and Stormfront just so you can get a democrat to answer for Antifa? If so, that’s not a good look for your people.”

So that is a hard pass on condemning Antifa? We find it odd Gretchen that you claim to have no connection but know exactly what they are and how they feel? Right On SCV has no problem condemning white supremacy in all its forms.

Thank you for your comment Gretchen, We are sorry that our post upset you but we hope you and local democrats know that we will not be quiet about future partisan stunts designed to divide our community.