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Immigration: It should not be a complicated matter, but leave it to politics to make it so especially after being allowed to uncontrollably flourish.

Enter DACA. It was inherently muddy from the start considering the slapdash, albeit temporary, Executive Order signed by then-President Barack Obama.

DACA is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Its theme has been the “children” that illegally crossed America’s border because they had no choice when they came as minors with their parents. Ergo it’s not their fault; therefore, they must be allowed to remain and given the front car on the train to citizenship.

DACAs became interchangeable with “Dreamers”. That worked for awhile but apparently no longer.

In late September Nancy Pelosi tried to give a speech in San Francisco. She played to the audience of mostly young people telling them are “VIPs”. The audience ​revolted with “We are not Dreamers”.

Who knew and who could have been more shocked than the reportedly “shaken”.
Nancy Pelosi?

Pro-illegal immigration groups say Dreamer means “good immigrant vs. the bad immigrant” which pits ‘…younger, better-educated immigrants against other unauthorized immigrants—especially their parents’.”

First, note their term “unauthorized” versus the truthful term “illegal”. The newer message is arguably a more subtle one in that DACA is and probably always was to envelope extended family…unauthorized off course.

DACA was supposed to be for “the children”. It isn’t that simple. The question always lingered that if the children are still minors and they can stay, who will be responsible for them? Enter the family. That’s a big reason DACA/for (only) the children defied logic.

DACAs were quite pleased when Obama gave them deferment, even though it was “temporary” and the legitimacy was questionable. Now President Trump wants Congress to act and put forth legislation that clarifies immigration.

Trump addressed the intended-temporary DACA program with saying it will completely end by 2010; current beneficiaries can renew their permits but no new ones will be accepted.
The program has been in effect for five years and Trump did not erase it completely or immediately. The program provides present recipients with 2 ½ more years with some restrictions beginning March 6, 2018.
Trump put a framework on it and told Congress to do their job.
The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, co-sponsored by then-Senators Alan Simpson (R-Wyo) Roman Mizzoli (D-Ky), also known as The Simpson-Mizzoli Act, provided full amnesty. All of the terms of the agreement were not met. Later in 2001, Congress failed to pass The Dream Act. At that time it was an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.

Since 2001 multiple organizations have emerged to battle our laws against illegal immigration. For the most part, they are under the umbrella of “Dream teams” (the Los Angeles Daily News).
DACAs have taken an interesting stand-in pronouncing “We will not be bargaining chips for Trump’s agenda”. Clearly, they miss or overlook the point that they have been bargaining chips for Democrats for decades and they were indeed pawns of the Obama administration for the 2012 election in which he prevailed.

Three of DACA’s present demands (Los Angeles Daily News) is that (1) Congress adopt a “Clean” Dream act laws that provide the path to U.S. citizenship for those brought here illegally a minors; (2) the law cannot include language that would aid deportation of any or all of the existing illegal population–in other words: families stay and (3) no funding for building a wall.

It should be no surprise and this can all be surmised that DACA was never intended to be just about or for “the children”. It’s about another Simpson-Mizzoli Act with new sponsor names and signed by a new president.

Democrats did not keep their end of the bargain after the 1986 law as the companion agreement to that amnesty was a much tighter border would be instituted.
Reagan did not follow his own motto after signing the Act; he for to “Trust but Verify”.

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