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This is the time of year when the ‘porch pirates’ are out in force and the nation sees an increase in mail and package thefts. But, it’s not just thieves stealing our mail and packages from our homes, there is a continuing problem with some postal workers stealing gift cards and other valuables within the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Several months ago, a package sent to me through the USPS was cut open and most of the valuable contents stolen. The box was re-taped and delivered nearly empty. The items that were taken belonged to my deceased veteran brother, which his wife wanted me to have as mementos of his life. He died for his country only to have a USPS worker steal his belongings. It’s a desecration to his service by some criminal scumbags.

This is not an isolated incident; gift cards and other valuables are being pilfered by postal workers nationwide. Countless stories have been told to me over the last several months of others that have had packages opened and items stolen along with other issues. One friend recounted how she watched a USPS employee emptying a mailbox, feeling each greeting card envelope for a gift card or possible currency. The majority of these thefts go unsolved and there is virtually no remedy for you or me.

I took matters into my own hands and pushed the limits on pursuing the matter of my brother’s belongings being stolen, knowing full well that it was fruitless. I enlisted the Office of the Inspector General, which oversees and investigates the USPS and I reached out to Congressman Steve Knight’s office for help. All to no avail. The Inspector General’s office opened an investigation and said it would take months with likely no satisfactory outcome. Congressman Knight’s office provided lip service and has done nothing—not even followed up to say they’ve done nothing.

So, all I can say at this point is do not send valuable items through the USPS especially if it must be insured. The insurance slip that lists the valuable items, which you have to fill out, is nothing more than a shopping list for the USPS thieves. Once the item is taken, the USPS will do little to nothing to investigate and because it is a government agency you have zero recourse.

The USPS is a shameful, inefficient organization that is wasting billions of tax dollars annually while some of their workers steal from hard working individuals like you and me. Our government representatives don’t give a damn about the USPS hemorrhaging cash and are doing nothing to fix the problem. In the limited vocabulary of the president; this is “very, very, very, bad.”

I urge you to pass this information onto your own networks and warn your loved ones not to use the USPS to send gift cards or packages this Holiday Season.

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