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What does RightOnSCV stand for?

We are your common sense voice in the SCV.

On the political spectrum, RightOnSCV stands unapologetically Right of center. We welcome everyone from Libertarians to Decline-to-Staters to Moderates to Conservatives to the far Right.
In other words, all Right voices are valued here–and that’s not just lip service.

That being said, we realize not everything we publish will be in line with the opinions of every Editorial Board member nor every contributor nor every reader’s opinion–and that’s okay, it really is. Today’s political conversations tend to deteriorate into petty childish arguments that at best, involve name-calling and at worst, spark riots, arson, and violence.

The Left’s tactics are tired and we’re tired of them. Their policies are failing Americans every day, but we know the Right’s time-tested policies and principles work for everyone.

We need look no further than the 2016 Presidential Election to see their candidates lost in record numbers across the country. And yet, the Left continues to push the same failed narratives across California and locally, in the SCV. They simply won’t be happy until they take every last district and seat in the state.
The Left continues to underestimate the Right. They mock and bully us especially online. They can’t beat us with facts, so they resort to childish tactics. RightOnSCV won’t do that.
We promise:

  • To cultivate conversation
  • To encourage civil discourse
  • To equip readers with facts, not simply opinions
  • To expose problematic issues in the community.

For years, local self-proclaimed masterminds have tilted at dynastic windmills, while misanthropic newbies, and party hacks swooped in believing they could shut us up if only they were simply rude and loud enough. Sadly, for a time it’s worked, but no longer. We will no longer remain silent because here’s the truth: Our policies and principles work. And the Left needs us, more than we need them.

In this age of the Interwebs and social media, they need us for our tax monies and our labor; we don’t need them, their critiques of us, nor their continual assaults on our freedoms.

Is RightOnSCV biased?

Absolutely we’re biased — after all, we’re Right — and we freely admit it.

We are biased in favor of representatives at all levels who uphold the Constitution and American principles.
Regardless of political affiliation, we are biased against those who attack our liberty, and we publish accordingly. We don’t couch invitations to join us in false promises of bipartisan interest.

At RightOnSCV, you won’t find untouchable political party figures; you won’t find massive egos or mastermind puppeteers.
What you will find are:

  • Your state and local representatives
  • Your friends and family
  • Your neighbors
  • The Constitution and American principles
  • Good old common sense

All RightWriters are willing to write the truth, as they see it, without regard for who gets faux-offended in the process.

Want to do more? Get involved with RightOnSCV!

Social media is faster, more reliable, and more trusted than traditional old school media outlets. RightOnSCV invites all Right thinkers to get involved:

  • Download our app for Apple or Android
  • Read and comment on our posts
  • SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our posts on your pages and in your Facebook groups
  • Be a contributing citizen journalist: Email your articles to [email protected] All Right voices are welcome. All levels of writing from beginner to expert will be considered within our publishing guidelines.

The Liberal media thinks we don’t see them for the propagandists they are; We do. RightOnSCV sees them clearly and we’re here to expose them and to help Right thinkers see them too.
Join us!

–The RightOnSCV Editorial Board
We are your common sense voice for the SCV