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Democrat Legislators have hit a new level of addiction… TAXES!

California is not only the highest taxed state in the Union, but Democrats in Sacramento are looking to tax Californians even more. That’s right. They are like addicts. Each time they get more of your money, when the high wears off, they go for more.

After the state raised vehicle registration fees, raised gas taxes, raised sales taxes, they NOW want to look at a mileage tax! So they want to tax you at the pump and immediately on leaving the pump. And it gets even better…

Democrats running Sacramento have decided that it’s OK to put MILLIONS aside to protect illegals in the state. They want to use the money you have paid in taxes for road repair and infrastructure… to support illegal aliens in the state.

The Governor has now decided that Prop 13, your property tax protection law, is getting in the way of the state taking more of your money to blow on Democrat pet projects. Governor Brown says it’s not a matter of their inability to stop blowing money, it’s the selfish mindset of Californians who want to keep more of their money that’s hurting the state.

Senate pro-tem De-Leon, you remember him, right? He’s the guy whose whole family came here illegally and used stolen Social Security numbers and ID’s to be here. He’s the guy who said that it was OK to do that because it’s the only way you can get to the U.S. and succeed. God forbid we follow immigration law! But I regress…

Yes, Democrat Senator DeLeon now wants to tax your tax savings. The Democrat-run legislature in California has raised and blown your tax money on…

  • Sales Tax
  • Bullet train OVERRUNS in the BILLIONS
  • Gas Taxes (and increases)
  • Infrastructure Tax
  • Prop 13
  • Looking at a Mileage Tax, and
  • Looking at wiping out property tax protection.

And yet they are looking at implementing single-payer healthcare, adding $200 billion or more to the deficit.

What do Californians get in return for their hefty investment?

  • Some of the worst schools in the Nation.
  • Roads that are falling apart because they have blown the tax money collected for road maintenance.
  • Increased tax burdens to local school districts and counties for state-mandated services.
  • Air quality is getting worse in some counties, even with the “Carbon Tax” dollars.
  • Traffic travel times are getting worse (because they keep spending the infrastructure taxes!)
  • We have an out of control homeless population.
  • Homeownership is down.
  • Poverty level rates are among the highest in the nation.

And California Democrats want to run the rest of the country! They think they have the answers that will make America a better country. No thanks! Usually, people come to a better area for a better life and better lifestyle. Guess what? People are leaving California in droves. Law-abiding, good, American citizens are leaving. Why? Because, as Americans in California:

  • They have more pain and pay more taxes than the illegal aliens the state legislators cater to.
  • Illegal alien children get more services in every way than American citizens do in California.
  • It’s now going to be prosecutable to abide by federal law when it comes to hiring Illegals.
  • Over 2000 “green or green energy” -related companies have left the green state of California because of taxes and regulations.

I could fill pages with the craziness that the Loons in Sacramento pass as legislation that makes this state a living Hell for the average American family. What’s the common denominator? Democrat legislators.

To illustrate the derangement of Liberal ideology…   Democrats say Republicans have the Presidency, the Senate, and the House so they are accountable for all the problems in DC. Well, Democrats have complete and total control of ALL parts of the California state government, and yet, they say it’s the Republicans causing all the issues. What a twisted world they live in! Sheer chaos and confusion!

Basically, they are acting like a bunch of 17-year-old spoiled brats. You give them everything they want and when they fail, they blame the Republicans and Conservatives for all their woes. Will they ever grow up?  Not as long as they keep hitting that tax crack pipe!