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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
The always colorful Joe Messina is no stranger to controversy, Joe has amassed a large group of dedicated haters in our community who follow him around waging their fingers and attempting to shame him everywhere they possibly can. But last...
First, we must address the title itself, which reads "Early Hopefuls for the City Council Race" this would lead a reasonable person to conclude that this article is to go over all the people who plan on running for...
The liberal group “CA25 United for Progress” (25UP) seems to be very upset that Right On SCV shined a light on their scheme to deceive the public. We find it unfortunate that 25UP in arrogantly unrepentant and doubling down...
Beverly Hills Lawyer Bryan Caforio just can't help himself, can he? In a recent tweet, Caforio talked trash to Congressman Knight for the Red Sox getting busted using a camera to steal signals from opposing teams. Wonder what @SteveKnight25 thinks...
The stunt-prone liberal group "CA25 United for Progress" (25UP) continues its distasteful practice of labeling their democrat sponsored political fundraisers as "town halls." This time 25UP got their buddies from all the way up in the Antelope Valley i.e....
So, like a true Gloria Allred fanboi failed Congressional candidate, Bryan Caforio was just so triggered over a swastika painted in a remote part of the Palmdale Aqueduct that he called the press, he called "community leaders", he even...
For decades California environmentalists have heaped regulation upon regulation prohibiting building and changing of the landscape of this once-great state. But now, they find they have regulated themselves into a corner while trying to build the high-speed rail line....
What does RightOnSCV stand for? We are your common sense voice in the SCV. On the political spectrum, RightOnSCV stands unapologetically Right of center. We welcome everyone from Libertarians to Decline-to-Staters to Moderates to Conservatives to the far Right. In other words,...




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