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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
By Brendie Heter of BrendieHeter.com Fiscal responsibility, advocating low taxes, reduced government spending, and minimal debt.   These are the 4 pillars of being a “Conservative” in The United States today. As conservatives…we want our taxes managed well, every dollar accounted...
California has some of the highest taxes, if not the highest taxes, in the country. And they are soon set to go much higher with the poorly considered and newly imposed gas tax. What kind of state do we...
By Dr. Thomas Sowell One of the painful realities of our times is how long a political lie can survive, even after having been disproved years ago, or even generations ago. A classic example is the phrase "tax cuts for the...
There is no denying our roads need help. Gov. Jerry Brown admitted as much two years ago in his “State of the State” address when he acknowledged the state was $59 billion in arrears in road construction and maintenance. Last week...
A Dec. 14 Signal commentary, “Setting the chains on transition,” discussed the coming 2017 presidency. It also praised the departing president but unfortunately cited some incorrect statistics. Author Gary Horton said when Obama took office (January 2009) America was “losing...
Christmas is a time to gather with friends and family. It’s a time to give thanks for all the year’s blessings and to look to the future with renewed faith and hope. For the past 33 years, Vanessa and I...
Last month I had the pleasure of welcoming several of my colleagues from the state Assembly to the Santa Clarita Valley for a film and television tour. From the set of NBC’s new show “The Player” at Santa Clarita Studios...
Ok, I admit it….there was a time when I thought the High-Speed Rail project was a good idea. In fact, I had even testified before the Rail Authority in support of a route that took the train through...
Throughout my time in the Legislature, I have worked closely with my colleagues - both Republicans and Democrats - in an effort to stem the flow of runaway film production that takes so many jobs out of our community. Year...




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