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Monday, June 26, 2017
An open-top tractor-trailer motors down the Highway 14 freeway. Gravel, piled high in back, ricochets off the pavement as the tractor bounces down the bumpy highway, losing bits of sand and rock at every turn. Imagine driving the car behind...
Since the November election came to a close, the lies and misinformation keep coming from the fringe left-wingers in the Santa Clarita Valley, Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment. First we had the group challenging the planned joining...
Every day on social media, I’m asked to defend my decision to vote (or not vote) in this election. Depending on who is asking my tone may differ, but the essence of my answer remains constant: I believe voting...
When a coworker shows up to work sneezing and coughing, there’s often a lot of grumbling for him or her to go home instead of potentially getting everyone sick. After all, nobody wants to get sick and have to leave...
If I had an opportunity to travel in time, I wouldn’t mind going back to 2008 and voting twice against Proposition 1A, the High Speed Rail Project. Luckily for me — and you — another bite at the apple...
Well, so far the 2016 political season is living up to the hype. Let’s just hope the Super Bowl does the same! The Iowa caucus delivered on both sides with the Democrat and Republican front-runners each ending up as the...
The Internet Revolution and globalization has made creating an excellent public education system an essential strategy for America to remain economically competitive, but it’s a moral imperative as well. This convergence has created a new world where a kid...
Last Saturday was a tough day for Santa Clarita. In a fitting tribute complete with Harley Davidsons and military fly-overs, we said goodbye to Duane Harte, the man many have referred to as the heart of Santa Clarita. Looking at...
Cemex. When will they ever learn? With the Bureau of Land Management’s action to cancel the contract of Cemex — effectively bringing to an end our decade-long fight against one of the largest proposed sand and gravel mines in the...
“Politics ain’t beanbag” is the famous statement of Mr. Dooley, an Irish-American character of writer Finley Peter Dunne, and it’s as applicable today as it was in 1895 when it was written. This year alone, from Santa Clarita to Washington...




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