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Santa Clarita, US
Sunday, August 20, 2017

Now, hold your horses, Bucko! Before you go sending us a sharply-worded email telling us Stephen Daniels is a registered Democrat, a “Libtard,” or a full-blown Communist(!), know that we’re well aware of Mr. Daniels’ stated political positions.

RightOnSCV believes, however, that a person’s actions speak louder than his words and Stephen’s 85+ interviews with people from all over the political spectrum, tell us he sincerely cares about this community and about open and honest conversations (what is said, is said, after all).

RightOnSCV believes all community leaders — regardless of political leanings — should be unafraid of tough, but fair questioning. This is especially true given the state of politics in Sacramento, where our state is currently ranked 50th out of 50 states in transparency. Or you can look locally in our own valley, where we’re told we have community newspaper that keeps an “Enemies List” mostly populated with conservatives!

We encourage you to subscribe to and listen to “The Talk of Santa Clarita” podcast. If you agree, or even disagree, with something said on-air, don’t hesitate to call into the comment line and respectfully speak your mind.